SOLVED! - What is Briefing App on Android?

Recently, Briefing app has been integrated into Android devices by default which lets Android users read daily news just by swiping their phone screen. This app is quite convenient and useful because it helps people to update the newest news and stories happening over the world. Briefing for Android device puts all updated news and stories at your fingertips. If you want to comprehend what Briefing app on Android actually is, let’s keep reading this article in which you will learn all about Briefing app on Android.

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The Briefing app on Android overview

The Briefing app is a personal magazine delivering content based on user interests. One of the most useful tools on Android smartphone is the Briefing app that comes preinstalled on Android phone. It takes up one of the seven Home screens and contains four sections which are Local Weather, Stock Prices, World News, and Calendar. In order to read news or information that is related to you, you have to customize it. Briefing app offers a great summary of news in a handy and beautiful package. With Briefing app for Android, you focus on news you are interested and update the latest ones.

Briefing app on Android

Briefing app on Android

Briefing for Android lets you know what in the world is going on right on your phone. To see Briefing, you swipe right on your home screen to rapidly access the latest news and stories. You also can easily choose all your favorite topics and get full coverage and perspectives from the world’s most credible sources. Briefing app requires a network connection.

How to customize Briefing app on Android

On Briefing app, you can adjust some categories to receive the news and information that you concern about. Among thousands of news and stories updated on Briefing app, this action is quite necessary to sort the specific news you are into. This app covers four categories which are Local Weather, Stock Prices, World News, and Calendar. If you want to see information relevant for you, you can modify its pages by following the guide below:

  1. From a Home screen, swipe left to enter the Briefing app panel.
  2. Tap Get started (located at the bottom).
  3. If displayed, read the Terms and conditions and Privacy policy then tap (check) I Agree to continue.
  4. Tap the Menu icon Menu icon (located in the upper right) then follow on-screen prompts to go to set up. 

Begin by tapping the Menu button on the Briefing app screens, then you enter Settings in the pop-up menu. From the Settings menu, you can adjust each part.

Local Weather

Local Weather on Briefing app

Local Weather on Briefing app

  • First, you get access to the link.
  • Next, tap the Select City to go to the Edit City List screen.
  • Now, you tap the Add button to move to the City Search screen.
  • When you find the city that you are living, tap on it.
  • When you have added or deleted cities, tap Return.

Stock Prices

Stock Prices on Briefing

Stock Prices on Briefing

  • At first, you tap the Y! Finance link.
  • Then, tap Select Stock to add financial instruments, for example, stocks, mutual funds, and stock indices.
  • Tap the Add button in order to add stocks and then enter the name of the stock you care.
  • Tap the checkbox for the information you want to see and then tap Save.

World News

World news on Briefing app

World news on Briefing app

Tap the AP Mobile News link. Your only option is how often this page is updated as frequently as every 30 minutes or as infrequently as every three hours. Moreover, you can control whether the information scrolls.


When you have had your calendar app set up, you will see all your appointments for today listed in form. There is no set up required in Briefing app on the Calendar category.

How to disable Briefing app on Android from Home screen

  • Tap and hold on the Home screen
Tap and Hold on Home screen

Tap and Hold on Home screen

  • Swipe right to the Briefing screen
Swipe right

Swipe right

  • Tap on the toggle to disable the Briefing Screen and finally remove that Flipboard news screen
Turn off Briefing

Turn off Briefing

  • No more Briefing screen presents
No more Briefing screen

No more Briefing screen


Hope this article solves your questions about Briefing app on Android. If you have any questions, do comment below to let us know.

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