[SOLVED] What is BadgeProvider Android?

BadgeProvider on Android is a great app that functions on announcing which apps on your Android phone have just received notifications. This app helps Android users update speedily all the new information in the apps. In this writing, we will inform you all about BadgeProvider app. You will know what BadgeProvider app on Android is, and also the way how to fix some errors in BadgeProvider app.  

The functions of BadgeProvider app on Android

BadgeProvider is a system app on Android mobile, which puts the little red circles on the app icons in order to let you indicate how many unread notifications that app has. It lets you know if you get a new message or email on your phone or some new notifications on the apps installed on your phone. BadgeProvider app reports the number of unread emails, texts for apps that provide that functionality. For instance, if you have SMS app and you haven’t checked 3 emails, you will see a red circle on the app icon on your phone screen.

Notification on Android
Notification on Android

BadgeProvider includes Badge notification, running instantly in the background. Notification Badge is a feature showing unseen notifications on the app. It presents pending notifications and it also may drain the battery. Although this app may not deplete the battery, it uses quite a lot of it.

The BadgeProvider is included in the launcher that maybe TouchWiz if you have not adjusted it. If another launcher with badging like Nova Launcher is operated on your device or having a badging addition, that false positive may disappear.

How to solve BadgeProvider has unfortunately stopped error

One of the prevalent errors that you may encounter if you are using an Android phone is the one that shows “unfortunately BadgeProvider has stopped”. While it is not a serious error, it can be quite frustrating since it seems to display out of nowhere. Furthermore, if you are dealing with an important task, the BadgeProvider notifications can be very annoying. Now, we will instruct the steps that you had better follow to solve the trouble.

BadgeProvider error
BadgeProvider error
  • Firstly, you are advised to enter Settings and locate Application and Application manager.
  • Then, head to All tabs, you scroll down and seek BadgeProvider. Press on it to open the settings.
  • You will see numerous options and will tap them in the following order: Force Stop > Clear Data
  • Later, restart your Android mobile.
Fix BadgeProvider error
Fix BadgeProvider has stopped error

How to disable notification BadgeProvider in Samsung mobile

BadgeProvider notification is a great feature involved in BadgeProvider. People can take advantage of this feature to check whether they still have any unseen notifications or not without even launching the app.

Nevertheless, sometimes, when you have notifications that have not seen of all apps, the app will indicate the Notification Badge on all apps. Some users consider it a good thing when the rest of users state that it is really awkward. And indeed, it is. If you own a Samsung mobile and also demand to disable Notification Badge in Samsung mobiles, here is a resolution.

  • At first, access Settings. Then enter Applications and Application Manager.
Tap on Application Manager
Tap on Application Manager
  • Then, you need to show all system apps. For that, tap on the More button and choose Show system apps.
  • Following that, you scroll down and search for BadgeProvider app. Open the Settings of the app.
  • Next, you tap on Force Stop and stop the BadgeProvider process.
  • Later, go to Storage settings and press the Disable buttons respectively.
Disable BadgeProvider notification
Disable BadgeProvider notification
  • After completing, you will have to restart your device. You will not receive any Notification Badge after restarting.


Hope this writing is helpful for you in using BadgeProvider app on Android mobile. Do comments below to let us know if you still have any questions.

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