[SOLVED] What Is Android ADK? General Knowledge Q& A about ADK

what is android adk


What is Android ADK?

Basically, the Accessory Development Kit (ADK) is a reference implementation, to be more specific, a USB based implementation, for hardware manufacturers and hobbyists to use as a starting point for building accessories for Android.

The Android ADK 2012, which is based on the Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform, includes two main physical hardware components as below:

  1. Main processing board: this part contains the USB connections, input/ output pins, microprocessor, and power connector. On-demand removal and separate utilization from the rest of the hardware are new characteristics that the tool offers.
  2. Shield containing sensors, input controls, speaker output, LEDs, as well as the audio amplifier is contained in a polygon box enclosure.

what is android adkWhat are the functions of ADK Android?

Let’s take a closer look at the basic functionalities of Google’s Android Accessory Development Kit 2.0, the ADK 2012 introduced by Google OI:

  1. The mission of this technology is to bring a unified and open hardware ecosystem to compete with the already formidable hardware options of other platforms in the marketplace. 
  2. Audio docking stations, personal medical testing devices, exercise machines, weather stations, or any other external hardware devices adding to the functionality of Android are different types of this Android accessory.
  3. Source code and hardware specifications are embedded with each ADK release to facilitate the process of developing your own accessories.
  4. You can create new and alternative hardware based on the ADK.
  5. Android accessory toolkits will be specially designed to attach to Android-powered devices. In the meantime, the technology adheres to a simple protocol to detect Android-powered devices that support accessory mode. You can turn any device, ranging from light bulb, fan, washing machine, treadmill, toys, coffee machine, TV, garage, to BP monitor to an Android accessory by adding small embedded support to it.

what is android adk

What are the differences among the three ADK, SDK, and JDK?

what is android adk


The development tool is much like Java but customized with Android code. It contains support for emulators and tools to help with developing Android apps. It just has plenty of other classes that work specifically for android development.


Android SDK is a standard kit customized for Android-specific development. Compared to ADK, it isn’t specific to Java. However, you can have an SDK for pretty much any language. To generalize, it is a term for a package that would have the tools to build stuff with its associated language.

what is android adk and comparison with sdk


what is android adk and comparison with jdk

It is the Java Development Kit to develop java applications that are used in Android Studio. The jars, libraries, and tools to allow you to write and compile java files that can run on the JRE are replenished in the technology. It comes in several varieties, including SE, EE and ME. 


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