SOLVED! - What are the best camera app for Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 released in 2018 currently attracts lots of users around the world since, with the introduction of Note 10, the price has been more reasonable. Have you purchase Note 9 yet? Among dozen of camera apps like B612, camera 360; which camera app will perform the highest quality picture? Needless to worry, we will analyze and tell you which one is the best for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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Note 9’s Camera – The Edge of Flawless

Like any other brand these days, Samsung pays much attention to camera improvement. Note 9 is applied with the same hardware as S9 Plus, 12MP dual sensors, and the dual-aperture lens. The difference is dedicated to software and the combination of AI. To make everything more accessible to usual users, we will delve into specific features that normal users would likely experience

Portrait Mode

Note 9 will blur out unnecessary background automatically by usage of Artificial Intelligence. AI works out well when it can tell exactly the background. This is the highlight of Note 9 whereas some devices may be mistaken in identify the area, Samsung not only has succeeded but also provides a more realistic image.

best camera app for note 9

Portrait mode


Daylight performance is worth expecting for a high-end phone. Note 9 misses a few details in the dark but in general, the image exposed is colorful and gorgeous, not too much mistake to be taken notice of.

best camera app for note 9



The image captured under low-light condition by Note 9 seems to be too smooth and has little digital noise within.

best camera app for note 9



The front camera isn’t appealing hit in Galaxy Note 9. White balance still carries on well and the smooth porcelain skin looks as good as usual.

best camera app for note 9



Video recorded can be up to 4K 60. Samsung made significant improvements in increasing the stabilization and controlling the noise. Autofocus indeed was a breakthrough in Note 9 as it can react to the light change pretty well.


Note 9 achieved a high score for color accuracy. Saturation adjustment boosts the quality of the picture into a new level. AI recognizes the condition and auto change the contrast, saturation to be compatible. The color appears to be more vivid and bright.

In conclusion, two incredibly amazing features of Note 9 camera are the noise reduction and the autofocus AI. The dual camera performs with a high level of accuracy and beauty. At this time, affording Samsung Note 9 is most reasonable and worthy than ever.

Best Camera Applications for Note 9

  • B612

Out of question, B612 probably the must-have applications on your Note 9, especially with the girl. This app provides more than 1500 stickers ranging from animal to fictional character. Not only that, the abundance of effects is offered and the natural beauty effect can assist you well. With the high accuracy of AI in Note 9, B612 could figure out the facial features correctly and bring the most natural effect for your face. Besides, the theme is user-friendly and the download will ensure you apply your most favorite filter when there is no internet connection.

best camera app for note 9


  • Camera 360

Camera 360 has gained such a big reputation for such a long time. It was highly recommended and rated by users globally. Despite the introduction of other applications such as Snow, B612; Camera 360 tends to remain its popularity with diverse stickers and qualified filters for users.

best camera app for note 9

Camera 360

  • HD Camera Pro

HD Camera Pro is likely to match with the photographer. It is supplied with plenty of advanced features and allows us to take the perfect photo, video with high resolution and fantastic animal effect.

best camera app for note 9

HD Camera Pro

  • Retrica

Retrica is similar to HD Camera Pro which mainly concentrates on camera instead of filters. It gets a high rate for capturing the 1900s pictures – retro and vintage. This app is born for nostalgic people.

best camera app for note 9


  • Beauty Plus

Another beauty app for the girl. The app requires quite much data to open so it might take you a while but the features provided are beyond amazing. Besides, it will go into detail about the natural beauty effect more than filters. The natural beauty effect is more various and detailed. In comparison with B612, Beauty Plus can’t compete for a plethora of stickers but it performs better when applying natural beauty effects.

best camera app for note 9

Beauty Plus


We hope that our article will help you resolve the confusion on what is the best camera app for Note 9. Note 9 was developed into a new level of camera. The apps recommended above are among thousands of apps, with Note 9 camera, any camera app you pick in Play Store will work out perfectly.

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