[SOLVED] Voicemail Icon Won’t Go Away

Normally, when Android devices receive voicemails, they would proceed to display an icon to notify the users of new additions to the voicemail inbox. As soon as Android users listen to new voicemails, the voicemail icon is going to disappear. That being said, on occasions, the voicemail icon lingers on top of the screen long after people finish checking voicemails. While the performance of devices remains unaffected, many nonetheless find the fact that the voicemail icon won’t go away frustrating.

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Insight Into The Lingering Voicemail Icon 

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There is no new voicemail on your Android phone but the voicemail icon still hangs around and that annoys you? In that case, this article should be of use to you. Down below is a summary of the lingering voicemail icon on Android including causes and solutions.

Why The Voicemail Icon Won’t Go Away: Breakdowns 

On Android, icons appear and vanish from time to time. However, if the voicemail icon persists, it’s strongly recommended that you memorize these suspects.

New Voicemails

Before jumping to conclusions, you must consider the possibility that the voicemail icon is there because you actually have new voicemails. For instance, if you receive several voicemails yet forget to read all of them, the voicemail icon would stay on the screen.


Though people nowadays tend to regard Android as a stable operating system, bugs could show up every now and then. Depending on their nature, Android bugs may alter a number of aspects of devices including the display of icons. Hence, in the case that the voicemail icon won’t go away on your phone, you have to take bugs into account. Assuming that the lingering icon is the result of bugs, everything should return to normal if you remove the bugs.

Corruptions In The Cache 

To put it plainly, applications on your device use cached data to accelerate various operations which helps save a bit of time. Nonetheless, if the cache becomes corrupted, there is a good chance that the phone would go haywire. Needless to say, since voicemail is a part of the phone apps, it’s vulnerable to corruptions in the cache too. As long as corruptions remain, voicemail functions including icon notification cannot work normally.

Conflict Between Phone App

To meet personal preferences, modern Android users usually install quite a few third-party applications on their devices. In most of the cases, third-party apps work well alongside their system counterparts and that guarantees optimal experiences. Still, it’s not uncommon for applications on Android devices to come into conflict with each other. On Android, app conflict is going to create a multitude of oddities and the lingering icon is a prime example.

Difficulties With Update Integration 

Similar to other applications, the voicemail app on Android receives periodical updates that boost its performance. If the integration of updates proceeds smoothly, you should be able to make use of the new and improved voicemail. On the other hand, if your phone runs into difficulties with update integration, the voicemail application may act up. If you notice that the voicemail icon won’t go away after an update, you have to give update integration some thought.

How To Make The Voicemail Icon Disappear

In discussions about lingering icons, Android users have a wide range of options about solutions. That being said, if you prioritize effectiveness and efficiency, you need to try out the following fixes

Check The Voicemail Inbox 

Go to the voicemail inbox of the device to determine whether you have new voicemails. For good measure, check through each of the voicemails to ensure that you don’t miss anything. After you finish checking the voicemail inbox, back out to the home screen and take a glance at the top. If the voicemail icon vanishes, you could go back to using your device as usual.

Restart A Couple Of Times 

It’s safe to say restart is an excellent fix for a multitude of bugs that plague modern Android devices on the market. Thus, if you have a hard time getting the voicemail icon to go away, restart your phone several times. Depending on the model, you could restart the device using either built-in options or buttons. In any case, to protect the hardware, it’s suggested that you avoid restarting your phone in quick succession.

Clear The Cache 

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Hit Apps
  • Step 3: Select Voicemail
  • Step 4: Pick Clear cache as well as Clear data
  • Step 5: Restart the device

Note: To be thorough, it’s widely advised that you think about wiping the cache partition too. You should be able to do that by booting the device into Recovery Mode. When you reach the Recovery Mode, move to wipe cache partition, select it and wait till the wiping concludes. Afterward, select reboot system now to return to the home screen.

Resolve App Conflict 

The voicemail icon of your phone starts behaving strangely following the installation of third-party applications? Then the newly installed apps may be the ones at fault here.

To confirm your doubt, it’s a good idea to boot your phone into Safe Mode and see if the voicemail icon is still present. In the case that the icon is nowhere in sight, you could conclude that at least one of the applications is responsible for the situation. The only thing left to do is to enable apps one-by-one, identify the troublemaker and uninstall it.

Perform A Factory Reset 

In general, factory reset is essentially the last resort for issues on Android devices. After a factory reset, your phone is going to revert to its default configuration which puts an end to existing errors. However, it’s worth pointing out that you would lose all the data in your device if you perform a factory reset. That is why it’s essential to make a backup in advance if you plan to reset the device to its factory state.


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Should I use third-party voicemail apps?

The stock voicemail application on your Android phone is adequate for most situations but you always have the option of installing third-party apps. Nowadays, the app store contains an assortment of purpose-design voicemail applications: Google Voice, Vooxist, HulloMail and so on. Such apps usually incorporate various features and that lead to a high level of flexibility. Nonetheless, some applications have subscription fees so it’s essential to check the rates beforehand.

How could I disable voicemail notification?

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Hit Apps
  • Step 3: Select Voicemail
  • Step 4: Disable the Show notification option

What must be done to set up the voicemail?

If your phone possesses a dedicated voicemail app, you could launch it to set up the voicemail. Still, if you cannot find a voicemail app on your phone, you have to do things manually: In the beginning, open the keypad. Next, press and hold the Number 1 button (with the voicemail icon underneath).  After that, you may set up the voicemail of your phone as you see fit.

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