[SOLVED] Video Marketing Trends That Your Business Should Follow

Video is one of the most important developments in the marketing sphere. Studies show that having a video on the landing page of your website can increase conversions by 80%. The use of the word ‘video’ in the subject line of your email marketing campaigns boosts the chances of the email being opened.

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Easy access to smartphones and internet penetration has made the average viewer more likely to share videos. 92% of mobile video consumers will share a video that they enjoyed watching.

It is indeed the best time for brands to jump into the video marketing bandwagon and expand the reach of their brand. Here are eight tips that will help you strategize your video marketing initiatives.

Have a Schedule for Posting Videos

When you have a consistent posting schedule, you encourage the viewers to keep coming back for more content. Start by evaluating the story that you wish to tell and break it into multiple parts. That way, you will post a new part every week and that will keep the viewers hooked.

If your brand has a new product launch, you can space out your promotional videos over a month. That way, your content will lead the viewers to your big announcement. As your business grows, you will have newer video campaigns. Ensure that every new video is carefully adjusted in the posting schedule to give you maximum results.

Tell Stories Through Your Video

To drive engagement on your marketing videos, try to collate stories about how your brand is making a difference in the community. You can tell user stories to illustrate your product’s impact on its clients. With tools like InVideo, you can add voiceovers, background music, and subtitles to such videos to improve the dramatic appeal of your stories.

Create Product Demos and Usage Tutorials

You need to understand that the average consumer does the necessary market research before buying an item. That is why you must create product demo videos that talk about the features and advantages of the viewer.

When a potential customer comes across such a video, it will answer their questions about the product and make them feel confident about buying from you. Demo videos push customers along the marketing funnel and help you convert casual site visitors into satisfied customers.

Use Videos to Show Your Personality

Videos are a powerful tool to help your viewers associate a humane face with your brand. While there are different types of video content that you can experiment with, make sure all the videos speak of your personality. Leverage videos to show how your brand stands apart from the competition.

You can create content to take viewers on an office or factory tour. The videos can have interviews of developers and the key people who bring your products to life. Videos showing glimpses of corporate events or ones talking about your CSR initiatives are other tested ways of establishing your personality.

Encourage User-Centric Content

It is a normal human tendency to enjoy being in the limelight. You can make the most of it by incentivizing your viewer’s intro creating videos with your products. Create social media challenges with dedicated hashtags to encourage participation. Repost and share the best of such user-generated content from your social media handles.

Understand that when a viewer creates a video with your product, they are advocating your brand in their peer circle. Moreover, if a person sees someone, they know in a video posted by you, they will be likely to reshare it. Moreover, user-generated content requires minimal investment from your end.

Add Call-to-Action (CTA) to the Videos

CTAs are a powerful tool to direct the viewers into doing what you expect of them. Depending on the nature of your video, you can add textual content to provide links to your website. You can have a CTA on the end screen of the video to direct the viewer to other playlists.

If your video has the subject speaking or a voiceover, you can use that to instruct a desired action from the viewer. CTAs spark communications and have the viewer think about the video after watching it. When you have an appropriate CTA in your marketing video, you avoid an embarrassing situation where the viewers enjoy the content but do not know what to do next.

Optimize The Video

With millions of hours of promotional video content created every day, you need to optimize the video if you wish to get noticed. Start by identifying relevant keywords that go with your video theme. Then, add these in the first part of the video title or the description.

Adding subtitles or closed captions helps to tell the search engine about the contents of the video. That way, the video becomes more easily recognizable to the search engine.

If you intend to post the promotional video on YouTube, make sure that you add relevant tags. The tags will steer the video’s YouTube trajectory and help it appear in the ‘related video’ section of your target audience.

Use Analytics to Evaluate Success

The advantages of video marketing have ensured that it is a congested market. To do well in such an environment, you need to be on your toes when you make a video. Try to constantly evaluate the performance of your video and improve on the shortcomings. YouTube, Facebook, and many other hosting sites allow you access to analytics features to gauge the performance of your videos.

Keep an eye on such figures to know how many times the video is played, the points at which viewers are most likely to drop off, and other such features. Google Analytics is another powerful tool and you can integrate it with your brand’s website to monitor video performances.

Thus, you see that the key to video marketing success is taking proactive measures to improve the quality of your videos. With every passing day, video is gaining higher momentum in the marketing world. The more serious you are about your brand’s marketing initiatives, the higher are the chances of success.