SOLVED! - “Unable To Connect To Samsung Server”: A Homeowner’s Guide

On modern Samsung televisions, it’s possible to set up an Internet connection to view online content at any time. In most of the cases, Samsung TVs keep the connection stable without much difficulty so people could surf the Internet to their heart’s content. Still, reports of Internet-related issues show up periodically and many share the same topic: Samsung televisions being unable to connect to Samsung server. When Samsung TVs fail to connect to Samsung server, various functions become unavailable which leads to a lot of frustration.

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An Analysis Of The Failure Of Server Connection 

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So you come across the “unable to connect to Samsung server” error as you use your Samsung TV but have no idea what to do? In that case, this article is going to be of use to you. Down below, you would find all the information you must keep in mind about the failure of server connection in Samsung televisions.

Server Connection Failures In Samsung TVs: Causes 

In use, television made by Samsung may run into quite a few problems but regarding the failure of server connection, give these suspects some thought


Thanks to the emphasis on optimization, Samsung TVs tend to operate smoothly but they still act up every now and then. A number of the hiccups on Samsung televisions create minor inconveniences and go away on their own as time passes by. That being said, some could linger and cause extensive disruption to operations of Samsung TVs including the server connection. Fortunately, assuming the server connection failure of your Samsung television is the result of hiccups, you rarely need to do much to fix it.

DNS Address

In case you don’t know, to connect to the Internet on Samsung TVs, the configuration of DNS address is important. If you nail the configuration, your television should be able to connect to the Internet with relative ease. On the other hand, if you mess up the configuration, the “unable to connect to Samsung server” error is one of the consequences. Unless you reconfigure the DNS address, your television would have a hard time establishing an Internet connection.


From time to time, Samsung television receives updates that refine its functions, patch errors, improve performance and so on. By keeping your TV up-to-date, you could get the most out of it in use. Nonetheless, if you neglect the updates, it’s only a matter of time before the software of your TV becomes obsolete which brings numerous headaches. Needless to say, once it comes to the failure of server connection in Samsung televisions, obsolescence is a possibility.

Poor Internet Connection 

Unsurprisingly, if your internet connection is poor, your TV would be unable to connect to Samsung server. Thus, it’s a good idea to take internet connection into account while troubleshooting server connection failure in Samsung televisions.

Samsung Server Is Down 

Like its competitors, Samsung implements a wide range of measures to keep the server online around the clock. However, accidents occur all the time so if your Samsung TV cannot connect to the TV, it’s likely that the server is down. In the case that you have eliminated all the suspects above, server difficulty is the final item to check on the list. There is no way to restore server connection from your end if the Samsung server is offline though.

Solutions For The Failure Of Server Connection 

Different errors on Samsung televisions require different fixes but regarding server connection failure, it’s suggested that you try out the followings.


Despite its simplicity, reset is capable of fixing a multitude of hiccups on modern electronics including television. Hence, if your Samsung TV experiences the “unable to connect to Samsung server” error, you should reset it. To restart your Samsung television, you need to press and hold the Power button of the remote. Let go of the button as your TV reboots.

Note: If the error persists, you have to consider performing a hard reset. After a hard reset, your Samsung TV is going to revert to the default factory settings which remove all existing errors.

Reconfigure The DNS Address 

  • Step 1: Select Menut, hit Network and choose Network status
  • Step 2: Pick IP Settings
  • Step 3: Change the DNS Setting to Enter Manually
  • Step 4: Enter “”
  • Step 5: Hit Ok

Update The Software 

To update the software of your TV, go to Settings, select Support and pick Update Software. Next, hit Update now to update the software to the latest version available.

Cannot update the software as there is no Internet connection? Then you always have the option of updating the software via USB. Turn on your computer, visit the Samsung website, and download the current software version of your Samsung TV to a USB. Afterward, plug the USB with the software update to your television, go to Update Software, select Update Now but now choose USB for the update.

Assess The Internet Connection 

If you use wired Internet connection for your Samsung TV, take a look at the cable to see whether it’s in good condition. However, if your television utilizes wireless connection, it’s strongly recommended that you inspect the router. Depending on the situation, you may want to give your Internet provider a call for good measure.

Contact Samsung’s Customer Service 

There is no improvement regardless of what you do? In that case, you should get in touch with the customer service of Samsung. By doing so, you could get advice on what needs to be done to re-establish the connection to Samsung server. If the Samsung server is indeed down, it’s possible to get at least an estimate on when it would go back online. Usually, you should be able to locate contact details of Samsung’s customer service in your region by going to the Samsung website.


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What should I do to set up the Internet connection? 

For wired connection, connect your television to your modern via an Ethernet cable, select Settings, pick General, choose Network and hit OK. In the case that you opt for wireless connection, select Settings, pick General, choose Network and hit Open Network Settings. Next, select the name of the WiFi network, enter the network password and hit Done.

How come my Samsung TV cannot connect to WiFi networks?

Various issues would get in the way of wireless Internet connection on Samsung televisions. For instance, a number of Samsung models only connect to networks of routers on a specific frequency band. In addition to that, the settings of the routers may prevent television from detecting their networks. Last but not least, having too many devices on the same network could make the signal too weak for your TV to detect.

Is it possible to troubleshoot the connectivity of Samsung televisions?

Determine if you have secured the cable that connects the router to your TV. Next, restart the router, unplug power then wait for one minute. After one minute passes, re-plug the router, then connect another device to it. The result should tell you which one between the router and the TV is experiencing issues.

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