[SOLVED] CW App Not Working Android

The CW App is the excellent way to stream the latest episodes of your favorite shows for free without any subscription or password needed. Users can ultilize the app on a wide selection of devices ranging from mobile phones, Windows to TV. However, a majority of people stumble upon CW app not working android when they try to open the streaming application on their Android phones. In today’s article, milagromobilemarketing will provide instruction on how to troubleshoot the CW app unresponsive on Android

cw app not working android

1. Make sure you are having the latest version of the app on your Android.

The developers of CW application have released new versions of the app that fix common issues as well as provide new features for users to recieve an optimized experience. In the case of CW app not working Andoid, users ared advised to pay a visit to Google Store on their phones to download and install the latest version of the app. 

2. Update your device’s Android operating system.

If you have the latest Android OS on your device, you will definitely get rid of the inconvenience. CW app not working correctly is no longer a splitting headache when this Android version can facilitate the performance of the CW app. To update a higher Android version, you navigate to Settings > About Devices > System Updates on your mobile phone.

cw app not working android

3. Check your internet connection.

Internet unavailability or any sort of interruption would be the reason for problems with CW app on Android. You had better carry out a thorough examination on your data network connection when you receive unresponsive messsage from the app. If you’re using a wifi connection, please turn off and turn on once to see whether your internet is working properly.

With the wifi password root priviledge, you go to Settings > Wi-Fi on your Android device to make sure that your connection is active and the signal strength is stable. 

cw app not working android

4. Close out all the apps running in the background and restart The CW. 

Running multiple apps spontaneously on Android system can cause the CW apps to run slower or become less stable. Hence, the CW app may be not working for you at certain times when you are trying to open it. You can follow these steps to see if there is any improvement on the performance of CW application on Android phone.

  1. On the Android device, tap the Square Icon to show all open apps.  
  2. Tap the X button in the upper right hand corner of each app to close it respectively.

5. Clear the device’s cache then uninstall and reinstall The CW app. 

If you have tried all these aforementioned resolutions and still, your CW app fails to work, it’s time to start over everything on your Android.

At the starting point, you clear the Android cache, follow the guide:

  1. From the Home screen, head to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage
  2. Select Cached Data and tap on Delete.

cw app not working android

Finally, you uninstall and reinstall The CW by following the guidance:

  1. From the Home screen of your Android phone, navigate to Settings > Applications >Application Manager
  2. Click on The CW app and select Uninstall
  3. Go to the Google Play Store to reinstall the app. 

If you have any wonder regarding the process of running CW app or cw app does not work on Android when you already try these solutions, feel free to submit your questions and feedbacks in the comment section below. Our tech team will analyze your problems and come back to you with an appropriate answer. 

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