Top 5 Best Apps of Chatroulette for Android Phone

There are a variety of choices available when you search for an app of Chatroulette for Android phone. Which is the most convenient? Which is the safest for your individual information? They are all worth concerning despite of inappropriate content and threats on the Internet. Follow these reviews below for more information.

Be Careful with Android Chatroulette 

Following the development of the Internet, Chatroulette is getting more and more popular among the young generation. It is very convenient for whoever wants to make friends or even finds someone for dating. 

However, everything happens online and the creators do not have the right to read your private content. Hence, there is a risk of running people with malicious intent. Therefore, be careful when you choose an app for your demand.

5 Best Apps of Chatroulette for Android Phone 

Love Chat

Chatroulette for android phone

Love chat is one of the best apps for Android using video calls for meetings, chatting or even flirting with strangers. It is free to use and available for many countries all over the world. Especially, based on your choices of countries, age and others, the app will automatically connect you with someone with the same request. High video quality is a plus mark that you can believe in. Note that the app is available for Android 4.0.3+.


Justsayhi is a Chatroulette app for both Android and iOS. The app is globally available but most famous in America. You can watch videos as well as make your own ones to impress others. 

Chatroulette for android phone

For example, a video showing your talent for singing will certainly catch others’ attention to your profile. If someone marks a “Like” on your video, you guys will get a match and can connect each other immediately by chatting or video calling. 

Moreover, you can join a group instead of individually chatting. With a global GPS system, the app assures that you will seek for friends in your area. It is incredibly convenient if you would like to meet in person after that.


Chatroulette for android phone

Unlike other Chatroulette apps that allow people to make friends based on their preferences, Chatrandom gives people chances of experiencing random chat. However, visitors can be assured that the app can confirm unsuitable content.

It is worth noting that you should not give out your private information when you have just talked to them once or twice through the app.


Chatroulette for android phone

A remarkable point in the app Monkey is that it allows two strangers to chat through video within 15 seconds before they decide whether to add each other or skip. Therefore, participants will reduce the risk of being exposed to dangerous or inappropriate content. 

Moreover, people are also kept safe by a clear safety policy for cyberbullying. For example, there is a human team available 24/7 to moderate and solve reports from participants. 

Users are given the power to protect themselves by tapping the report button or contact support team whenever they see something unsuitable with the Community Guidelines stated on the app.


Chatroulette for android phone

Hello-Chat presents a simple sign-up system so that new users can easily access the app. You can use your Gmail account, mobile phone number or an ID to start making friends all over the world. The information and contents of users are all encrypted by an end-to-end security system and even the app managers are not allowed to read them. 

The app is more dominant for group chat, which allows people to share images, videos, audios. Some specified functions are also added such as recall functionality, location sharing, smart reply…  Especially, the message can be translated into your language if you need it. 

The Bottom Line

These are the 5 apps of Chatroulette for Android phones that we suggest for some socializing activities. Visit our website for more interesting and latest apps as well as read more Android articles.

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