Tips to solve my phone keeps going back to home screen android error

It’s annoying when you are surfing the internet or playing video games, then the apps suddenly shut down and bring you back to the home screen. This error is a common issue that many people are facing. But people don’t have to bear with it anymore, milagromobilemarketing will teach everybody how to deal with this problem. You wonder about my phone keeps going back to home screen android can be solved.

Tips to solve your phone keep going back to the home screen

Turn off all the apps running in the background

To many Android apps running in the background makes the RAM overload, which shuts down your running applications immediately. 

close the background apps

Therefore, please remember to turn off the applications completely when you finish using it. 

Tab on the multitasking key and turn off all applications that are running in the background. Then you proceed to restart the device to ensure the system works smoothly again.

Clear the application data/cache of the error app

Android is an open operating system, so instead of installing apps only from CH Play, you can download and install the APK file of these apps from a third-party website. However, applications usually have many errors if you download from an unreliable source. If you want to find a reputable apk format source, then you can visit The application from bad sources will corrupt the Android system, causing the “The application has stopped” error and bring you back to the home screen. 

To solve this problem, follow these steps

  • Go to settings then choose Applications options 
  • Search for the applications that you know it’s not compatible with your device. 
  • Tap on memory and clear application cache/data, then reboot your device

clear cache of an app

If the app still shuts down when you use it, then you have to delete it then download a new one. 

Update the Android and application

The Android version is updated continuously each year; each version will do a better job of preventing Android devices from many errors. So don’t be lazy to upgrade the Android version on your device.

update android system

Otherwise, the application updated is also essential. The low version of an application can not be compatible with the operating system, which will crash the system while on the operation.

To update the Android version, you go to Setting > Select About phone > Tap check on update > Install now the newest version. 

To update the application, you go to Google Play> Find apps you need> tap Update to get the latest version.

Delete the unnecessary memories 

When your device’s memory is full, and you continue to use the app, The RAM will be overloaded as it cannot collect any new data when you apply. Then the app may turn off move to the home screen.

The best solution now is that you delete unnecessary memories in your devices such as videos, images, apps that you haven’t used anymore. 

If there are so many files you want to keep, then milagromobilemarketing suggests you upload it on cloud storage. Your data will be saved on the internet.  

Wrapping up

Now you can take out of your mind the question of my phone keeps going back to home screen android.  Follow all the tricks correctly above; you can get out of this trouble. 

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