[SOLVED] Print Spooler Error on Android Phone

Print Spooler error or Print spooler service not running error is a common error of the printer. You will find yourself frustrated and disturbed when you want to print something, but this doesn’t work out. 

If your Android phone has been used for a long time, it might get stuck easily, and you do not understand why. 

The only way you can do is to reset the Android, restarting everything to its original state to fix the error. But in this article, milagromobilemarketing will explain to you this error and show you the instructions on how to fix print spooler on android phone.

The spooler’s overview.

What is Print Spooler?


This word is a computer programming term. Spooling refers to a computer application that contains and processes the data and information before sending it to the device with low memory, such as a printer to handle the data.


The benefit of spooler on printing

how to fix print spooler on android phone

Because of the limited amount of memory, the printers on the android phone sometimes cannot receive the total size of the document you want to print. Then we need a tool such as the spooler, which helps us in sending large documents. 

With the help of this tool, you can even deliver multiple documents to a printer and can’t be distracted from work due to its process. So, the spooler is very important in printing on android phone, especially with someone who often have to write a large number of documents. 

Overview about this error on android phone

Grasp the issue

Various problems relating to the spooler can happen to the printers after you click print. One of them is that the printer has received and the spooler adds this file in a queue, so it causes all print jobs behind it in the line to stop. 

Normally people will see this error on the computer more than on an Android.

how to fix print spooler on android phone

These errors can include:

  • Print jobs getting stuck in the queue.
  • Data or documents in the spooler are becoming corrupt, and the spooler can’t translate it for the printer.
  • Spooler service failure – The PC or spooler software has crashed partway through the transfer of information.

All the issues listed above will mean that your printer will stop in its tracks and refuse to print any more of your much-needed documents. 

The reason why this error occurs

Print Spooler error is due to the corrupted files of the printer’s driver or the attack of viruses. Some other occasions are because the printer is overlapped with the function of another printer (in case the machine has many printer drivers or the new printer is installed in conflict with the printer driver previously installed on it). 

how to fix print spooler on android phone

How to fix this print spooler on Android phone

Sometimes all you can do is resetting and clearing the Android OS Print Spooler cache and it resolves this problem quite easily.

  1. From your screen, tap the button of setting on the right corner.
  2. Select Apps or Applications
  3. Then you can see the line: Show System Apps, that’s where you need to tap on
  4. Now from the list, you can see a word Print Spooler
  5. Options are waiting for you there, select clear Cache and Data
  6. The memory is better now, choose the document you want to print.
  7. Select the icon “choose” and print it out
  8. Now you can see a print preview screen displays, choose your printer.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, this tool on every phone is such an effective way to print your document without a computer. Sometimes it can have some errors, but what you need to know is how to fix print spooler on android phone. If you have had some more exciting tips, don’t hesitate to share with us when visiting our site. You can access our webpage and stay updated with the latest Android tricks.