[SOLVED] The Mysterious Question How to Add Android to MyFord Touch Sync 3 Has Answer Now

Ford is becoming more and more famous in recent days. People often want to ask about its function, application, or installation. Ford is providing you now with a smart control system called Sync. 

Day by day, this system gets technological smarter and can help us with many things. In this article, milagromobilemarketing will show you how to add android to MyFord touch sync 3.

Overview of sync 3

The SYNC 3 upgrade system allows you to interact with a range of features using the touch screen and voice control commands. By integrating a Bluetooth enabled phone, the touch screen provides smooth interaction with your phone’s SYNC 3 compatible audio, entertainment, navigation, and applications. 

add android to myford touch sync 3

To operate the touch screen, touch the item or option you want to select. The button changes color when selected. The SYNC 3 layout allows you to choose the feature you want to use quickly. 

The touch screen gives you quick access to all options, navigation, communication, and entertainment. Using the status bar and features, you can quickly select the features you want to use. 

Note: Your system is equipped with a feature that allows you to access and control the audio element within 60 minutes after you turn off the electric lock (and do not open the door).

Android Auto and the reasons why you need to add it to your ford

The Android Auto application is an application that is commonly used on all smartphones running Android OS 5.0 and above. This app is a revolution that helps you so much in your driving.

add android to myford touch sync 3

So how does Android auto help while you’re driving? Only an application is written to support the driver in the best and safest way. Limit your phone use while driving. Android Auto brings the connection and information transfer from your smartphone to the LCD screen and incorporates the car audio system.

The interface of Android Auto is designed to be as simple and easy to use as your screen. You also do not need to download any additional software when downloading this app 

At this time, 3rd party applications will be restricted from use to avoid errors and they are not safe for users during driving. However, you also have all the necessary and essential software. And here are some crucial features on Android Auto.

  1. Google Maps: Google Maps will undoubtedly be an indispensable application to help you locate your current location and the way to go. However, in Android Auto, you can also see a great balance between information and user mode. You can search for a route with your voice, either via the software interface or directly on the home screen.
  2. Phone and text: It’s going to help you drive much safer and still be able to receive incoming calls or read messages with ease.
  3. Entertainment: You will experience different types of entertainment while driving — for example, Music, Podcast, and Radio. It contains interesting entertainment waiting for you.

add android to myford touch sync 3

How to add android to MyFord touch sync 3

Follow these simple steps to install MyFord touch sync 3 on Android

  1. Download a suitable version of this app to your phone. Because the downloading of Android Auto is not available in Vietnam, you can visit our website to find an .apk version for this app. 
  2. Open developer mode for Android Auto(AA)
  3. Open AA on the phone. From your menu select About 
  4. Then tap ten times continuously on the word ‘About Auto Android‘ at the top 
  5. Now tap the icon three dots on the right corner of the top and select developer settings 
  6. Select ‘Unknown Origin‘ as permission for the access of this app to your phone. 

The Bottom Line

So, in conclusion, Android Auto is such an excellent app to add android to MyFord touch sync 3. It can help you to focus on your driving as well as make it more convenient for controlling your car. If you still have more questions to be solved, please visit our official website to read more android-trick articles or leave a comment to let us know. We will try our best to get you covered!