[SOLVED] The best way to enable auto screen tapper Android no root 

Some mobile games these days can be quite annoying. They are not annoying because they are bad, in fact, it is quite the opposite. It is so damn addicting and you can’t stop playing them.  The annoying part is the gameplay that requires you to repeatedly tap on the screen for countless of time every single day. 

auto screen tapper android no root

The amount of hands cramp we have got is also uncountable alongside that gameplay. 

Realizing so, Milagromobilemarketing has decided to give birth to this article and end your hand’s cramp once and for all. 

Below is how to set-up auto screen tapper Android no root

Tap it like you never have 

A list of “ingredients” 

2 Kg of beef, 2 teaspoons of olive oil and I am just kidding, you are not reading the wrong the article. Visit our site here at www.milagromobilemarketing.com to download FRep Finger Replayer then go to your PC to download a FRep server app (with the correct operating system i.e. Windows, Mac..etc). 

You will need your PC for the auto screen tapper to work Android no root to work. 

Step 1

Go to System Settings of your Android device -> About phone then scroll down to the bottom of the list and you should see Build number. Tap on it and it should enable developer options and the device will tell you so. 

Step 2 

The developer options, which were previously hidden by default, should show up in the System settings menu now. Tap on it and find the option that says USB debugging, tap on it to turn it on. 

Step 3 

This is optional, but since you are trying to auto tap your device, you might be interested in knowing where the app is actually clicking. If you are, scroll down to turn on the option to Show taps. 

If you are not interested in it though, feel free to skip this part. 

Step 4

Now, open up the FRep app on your phone then connect your phone to your PC. Once you have done, on the phone, the device should ask for permission to Allow USB debugging, tick the always allow option and press ok. 

Step 5

Now head to your PC, and extract the FRep service file you downloaded earlier and open the extracted folder. There should be a file called win.bat or mac.sh if you are on a MAC. 

Open that file and the command prompt will show up. Wait for a bit for the initialization to start and finish, there will be a line telling you that it has. 

Note: if there is an error the file, try the alt file directly below it and that should work. 

Step 6

Now back to your Android device, at the top of the FRep main interface, there will be the option to Start/Stop Service, click on it to start the service. 

To check if you have done everything correctly up until now, check out the top of the screen directly above the top to Start/Stop the service, there will be a message saying FRep Service Running indicating everything is good to go. You can unplug the cable connecting your phone and the pc now. 

Step 7 

To ensure the app can run perfectly, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen, and click Calibrate input and follow whatever the messages prompt you to do (btw please also enable FRep Accessibility Service in the Accessibility setting. Voila you are done. 

How to use the App

Open the app which you would like the auto tap, scroll the notification bar and tap on the show console. Now tap on the Rec overlay button that just shows up and rapidly tap on the spot where you would like the app to tap later on then lock screen. 

When you turn the screen back on, you can save the recording and customize it as per your needs. 

Say goodbye to hands cramp 

That’s it, auto screen tapper Android not root? no problem! 

Just a quick warning, It is highly advisable to make sure auto tapping is not violating the terms and agreement of the app you are tapping. We are not responsible if your account is banned due to such violation.

Remember to check out Milagromobilemarketing.com for other Android-related articles. Peace out!

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