[SOLVED] How to Connect Samsung Gear 2 to Any Android Phone

how to connect samsung gear 2 to any android phone

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is a stylish and great-looking wearable device that is able to connect to and communicate with any Android phone or tablet. However, some users might find it relatively complicated to set up Gear 2 smartwatch on their phone. In the tutorial below, milagromobilemarketing is going to show you how to connect Samsung Gear 2 to any Android device. Read on to get started.

Updating the Gear Manager App

how to connect samsung gear 2 to any android phone

  1. In order to connect the Galaxy Gear 2 to your Android, you will need to open the Gear Manager application. To do this, tap on the ‘Apps‘ icon from the home screen of your phone.
  2. Tap on the ‘Samsung‘ folder in the top left on the main page of the application menu.
  3. Then, you will see an orange icon labeled ‘Gear‘, the Samsung Gear application. Tap one time on the app.
  4. In the wake of receiving a message indicating that you need to update the Samsung Gear application, tap on it to update the application. 
  5. Once updating has been finished, you will be taken back to the application menu. Here, you tap on the orange gear icon again.
  6. After tapping on the gear icon, you will be taken to the welcome screen of the Samsung Gear application. 

To make sure your Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch is ready to connect to your Android device, follow the steps in the next part of this guide.

Connecting the Galaxy Gear 2 to any Android mobile phone

how to connect samsung gear 2 to any android phone

  1. Power up your Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch and then on your Android device, tap once on the ‘Connect to Gear‘ icon. This will allow your phone to locate the Galaxy Gear watch and then establish a connection between Gear 2 and your Android phone.
  2. The Android system will get back with a pop-up message asking if you would like to allow the Galaxy Gear to access photos, media, and files on your device. Tap on Allow to approve the request.
  3. Next, you give permission for the Samsung Galaxy Gear to access Android device location, make and manage phone calls by tapping on Allow.
  4. Next, turn on Bluetooth in order to connect. You will now see the menu refresh as your Gear 2 is connected and additional software is being updated and downloaded to Gear 2. Wait for the action to be completed.
  5. Tap Done and sign in to your Android account. At this final stage, your Galaxy Gear 2 has now been successfully connected to your Android.

How to use Samsung Gear 2 with any Android phone

how to connect samsung gear 2 to any android phone

  1. Backing up your data on Gear 2 is the most important step. You need to back-up everything you have right now on Gear 2.
  2. Factory reset Gear 2 by going to SettingsReset Gear. Note after this all the data on your Samsung Gear S will be lost when you implementing the action.
  3. Reboot Gear 2
  4. Pair Gear 2 with your phone. Enter respectively Settings → Connections → Bluetooth  and then finally Make Visible

The Bottom Line

To sum up all the information, milagromobilemarketing has just walked you through the easy-to-follow instruction on how to connect Samsung gear 2 to any Android phone. We hope that this tutorial will work for you. If you have any Android- related questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will provide a rational explanation for your problem.

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