Spectrum TV App: How to get it to work on your Vizio Smart TV

Vizio Smart TV first comes with some preinstalled apps, but it’s a bit challenging to download newer apps. Generally, on your smart TV from Vizio, you can add a number of apps.  The Spectrum TV app is one handy tool you can add, but you cannot directly download the app on your Vizio TV. The only way to get it working is casting it through a PC, smartphone or tablet. 

how to download spectrum app on vizio smart tv

How to download Spectrum app on Vizio Smart TV

The SmartCast platform makes it easy to access content and adjust settings, but it has a limited selection of apps. It relies on its ability to receive apps that cast from your smart device. What’s impressive is that the implementation of this process is more than perfect.

The SmartCast app Vizio has limitations, such as being a bit slower and less stable. Still, not everything is available for casting.

What is Spectrum TV App?

How to download Spectrum app on Vizio Smart TV

Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV App is a smartphone or tablet application that brings live TV as well as On-Demand content at no additional charge from your mobile device. Additionally, it allows you to tune to your DVR, browse the channel guide, schedule recordings, search for content, and learn about your favorite shows, among others.

Spectrum App on Vizio Smart TV

You can either use the built-in Google Cast features or access the ‘SmartCast TV‘ input application, but it depends on your TV model.

Many people may be struggling to know how to download spectrum app on Vizio smart TV, which may prove difficult. 

Apart from SmartCast and Yahoo-based Internet Apps, Vizio TVs may have the Apps+ Smart TV platform. All apps reside in or can be added to the TV, which lets users easily manage to add apps directly through the smart TV using a remote control. Nonetheless, this works only with compatible smartphones and supported tablet.

Casting the Spectrum TV app

How to download Spectrum app on Vizio Smart TV

Casting the Spectrum TV app

Always use the latest version of the spectrum app.  Connect the android device to the TV port using a USB cable, and ensure that both are on the same network – wireless or wired. You can also connect your device to your Vizio smart TV through Bluetooth.

On your smartphone or tablet, locate the setting icon on the upper right side of your device and click on the device.

How to download Spectrum app on Vizio Smart TV

Locate the setting icon

Tap on the cast icon, an action that causes the app to begin playing on your display. Your TV and the smartphone must both be on the same.

How to download Spectrum app on Vizio Smart TV

Tap on the cast icon


The easiest way to do so is to use a streaming device like Roku, Apple TV, or Firestick. ROKU is by far the best option as it has a Spectrum app that you can download, and it works better than the built-in apps on TVs.


As much as it may be almost impossible to know how to download the spectrum app on Vizio smart TV, the above procedures will teach you a way to get the Spectrum TV app working on your Vizio TV. Do you have any questions or comments? Could you share with us in the comments sections?

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