Specific Guide For Android Call Ended Immediately Fix

 Imagine when you have an important conversation on the phone, then the call is ended suddenly for no reason. You pretty sure that both don’t touch the “call end” button, then there must be a phone’s issue need fixing.

This problem isn’t new and lucky for you, milagromobilemarketing knows how to deal with this problem. Now milagromobilemarketing will show you the guidance of Android call ended immediately fix.

android call ended immediately fix

Tips to fix the call ended suddenly on Android device

There are many main reasons cause the “call ended” problem. Of course, each has a unique solution. 

If you don’t know precisely why your phone gets into this trouble, then you can try every solution that milagromobilemarketing suggests you below. 

The phone loses its signal because you are in inadequate network coverage

A telecommunication company cannot cover all the locations in this world. Therefore, you cannot get the best mobile signal, especially when you come to a rural area or in a closed room.

The best solution now is moving into another place having a better signal; it’s better a large area without enormous obstacles. If you cannot go to another spot and stuck in a close room for some reason, then open all the windows to get a better signal.  

Your phone Android apps conflict 

Sometimes, the conflict of the Android apps may cause your phone to lose the signal. 

So what you need to do now is to reboot your phone/tablet. As every Android device, hold the Power button until a new interface come out. Then you select the reboot option to restart your device. 

You can also delete or clear the cache of any apps that you suspect it’s a problem source. 

The Android system has a problem 

If you have done the reboot process, but the “call ended problem” still returns, then you may have to reset your devices.

But be careful, reset your device means to return the system to the default, you will lose all of your installed files, images, videos and all contact information.

So before resetting, remember to save all necessary information, files on another source. These steps below guide you on how to reset your Android device. 


  • Select the Settings
  • Scroll down and choose the System or General management (each manufacture has different Android system operation).
  • Tab on Reset option, then select the Factory data reset 

The sim is broken

It is possible that you sim was broken, causing the bad signal. The reason is that maybe your sim was wrong installed for a long time.  

Try installing a new sim card to your phone; if the device shows up and makes outgoing and incoming calls, it is 100% sure that the old sim is damaged. So, replace the new sim for your device is the solution now.

broken sim

Problem with the hardware 

If you have tried all the above ways, and it is still not effective, the conversation is still ended suddenly. Then perhaps the signal error is in the Main. 

You should not repair yourself at home as you will make all things worst unless you know about fixing hardware. Go to professional stores or the manufacturer’s to check and repair Main chips.

Wrapping up 

Milagromobilemarketing hopes that all the tips of Android call ended immediately fix above will help you fix your phone call problem.

If you get into another Android error or you want to download new apps, then don’t forget to visit https://milagromobilemarketing.com/

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