[SOLVED] Solved: No Live Wallpaper Option Android

One of the most desirable features of the Android operating system is the capability to customize the look of your device to satisfy your interest. The easiest way to do this is by using what is called a “live wallpaper”. Specifically, a live wallpaper is an animated image that fills the place of a stagnant image on your home screen. Especially,  some live wallpapers are interactive and react to certain gestures or motions on the device.

The live wallpaper is set with ease, just like normal wallpaper, but depending on the types of live wallpaper, you may waste hours customizing them. However, it is reported that some Android devices do not have the live wallpaper option available for setting. If you are in such case. Don’t worry. In this writing, we will instruct you in solving the trouble “No live wallpaper option Android“.

What is live wallpaper on Android?

Live wallpaper on Android
Live wallpaper on Android

 If you are an Android user, you may familiar to the wallpaper used for the previous versions of the Android operating system, which is traditional and static wallpapers. Released in Android 2.1, live wallpaper is a new function that provides users with richer, animated and interactive backgrounds (named live wallpaper). The so-called feature is Live Wallpaper that allows you to add alive images on your boring screen. Android live wallpaper features similar to an Android mobile app because it can get access to functions of the platform such as OpenGL, GPS, network access and so on. Live wallpapers are created to bring Android users a better experience on Android devices. You are able to download live wallpaper straight on Google Play store with plenty of types. Setting live wallpaper can make your screen more animated and delightful.

How to fix “No live wallpaper option on Android device”

In this instruction, we will introduce you to three methods that help you to have live wallpaper on your Android device. Here is how to set live wallpaper on Android mobile. 

Set Android live wallpaper from the Homescreen

  1.  On the Home screen, put a finger on the screen and long press.
  2. A pop-up menu will be displayed, select “Wallpapers.”

    Select Wallpaper
    Select Wallpapers
  3. Then, you can view a list of the live wallpapers that are installed on your device by default.

    List of live wallpaper
    List of live wallpaper
  4. After choosing one, you can preview what your device will look like while the live wallpaper is applied. If you like that live wallpaper, hit “Set Wallpaper.”

    Set live wallpaper
    Set live wallpaper
  5. Now, you have three places on Android device which are Home screen, Lock screen or both Home screen and Lock screen where you can set live wallpaper.

    Set live wallpaper on screen
    Set live wallpaper on the screen

Set Android live wallpaper from the Settings

  1. Firstly, you access to Settings menu on your Android device.
  2. Next, you tap on Display.

    Tap on Display
    Tap on Display
  3. Then, under Display, you select Wallpaper option.

    Tap on Wallpaper
    Tap on Wallpaper
  4. From here, a series of live wallpaper will present. You choose among these wallpaper and tap on Set wallpaper to have it on your screen.

    Set Wallpaper

Set Android live wallpaper from Google Play

  1. At first, you open Google Play on your Android smartphone.

    Open Google Play
    Open Google Play
  2. On the search bar, type Live wallpaper then hit Enter.

    Search for live wallpaper
    Search for live wallpaper
  3. Your screen will be populated by an endless list of free and paid for live wallpaper that you can download and install. Once you find live wallpapers you like, download it to your device.
  4. Once downloaded, you also tap on Set wallpaper to install it.


This detailed instruction definitely helps you to solve your trouble with Android live wallpaper. Remember to share this article with your friends. 

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