[SOLVED] Screen Goes Black When Watching Videos Android

If the screen goes black when watching videos Android”, possible causes include ad-blocking plugins, browser, network and app problems. To get the screen back to normal, disable ad blockers, update browser, restart router, etc. Continue reading to optimize your experience on Andriod.

What Can Cause Black Screen on your Android?

If the screen suddenly turns dark while watching videos, the explanation could be on your end, or some issues with either the app itself or your internet service provider.

If the problem is on your end, you can usually fix it on your own by some simple solutions. When the problem is caused by your internet service provider or an issue with the media server itself, there isn’t anything you can do. Areas restriction or anything related to copyright can be the explanation for the problem.
screen goes black when watching videos android

Here are the most common causes of black screens on Android:

  1. Ad-blocking plugins: Ad-blocker is generally used to avoid watching advertisements on videos, but sometimes things go wrong. When it has gone rogue, it may block the video instead of just blocking the ads.
  2. Browser problems: Your browser may be out of date, or there may be some type of corrupted data. 
  3. Network problems: Slow internet speeds, or issues with your local network, can prevent videos from loading correctly.
  4. App mobile problems: The video streaming app is not compatible with your Android version. In this case, you’re experiencing a black screen and no audio on your phone.

Guide to Fix Android Black Screen While Watching Videos

Check ad blocker

screen goes black when watching videos android

Technically, ad blockers are browser plug-ins selectively prevent certain web page elements from loading. When an ad blocker malfunctions, it may allow ads to load or block page elements, like text and video which you focus on when watching entertainment content.

You can check whether your ad blocker is working properly or it is the cause of black screens.

  1. Open a video on your media server.
  2. Temporarily disable your ad blocker
  3. Reload the page, and try to play the video again. If you find that your ad blocker is responsible for videos not playing on your Android, you should check out the list of ad block plug-ins and extensions to see if one of them works better.

Check your browser 

Issues with your browser, like corrupted cache data or cookies, could prevent videos from loading. Besides, memory issues with your computer can also lead to black screen issues with playing videos on the internet.

screen goes black when watching videos android

To rule out a problem with your browser, you can follow one of these solutions:

  1. Try reloading the video that doesn’t work.

  2. Log out of your media account.

  3. Close your browser, and restart it.

  4. Check for browser updates, and update your browser if your Android doesn’t have the latest version.

  5. Clear your browser cache and all the cookies from your browser

  6. Disable hardware acceleration in your web browser.

  7. Install a different web browser

Check your Internet connection

screen goes black when watching videos android

If your internet connection is completely down, the entertainment content can’t be loaded at all or at least, partially loaded while leaving elements like videos as useless black boxes.

Here are some things you can try to fix videos black screens on your Android if your problem has to do with your network or internet connection:

  1. Power cycle your router and modem and then unplug both your modem and router from power for at least 10 seconds before plugging them back in.
  2. If you’re using Wi-Fi, switch to a wired connection or move your Android phone closer to your router.

Check your media server application

In the case when the app displays a black screen instead of playing a video on Android, or you only hear audio with no video component, that usually means there’s some type of problems with the app. This is a common sort of black screen on YouTube.

You can clear the app data or cache, but restart the device to fix the problem

  1. Clear the app cache for individual apps, or all apps at once.
  2. Restart your Android device.
  3. Delete the app, and then reinstall it.

The Bottom Line

Video turning black on Android is a common occurrence that creates uneasiness. But, now with afore-stated solutions from milagromobilemarketing.com, you can quickly fix the error” screen goes black when watching videos android“.  Further, if you still have any queries, feel free to connect with us via the comment section. Or you can keep up with the latest update from your webpage.