[SOLVED] Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Yellow

In general, compared to their wired counterparts, Samsung wireless chargers not only eliminate numerous hassles but also provide many conveniences. The operation principle of wireless chargers made by Samsung is no-nonsense too so everyone could use them to recharge the battery of various devices. However, it’s noteworthy that Samsung wireless chargers still act up from time to time in the course of operation. A lot of reports of troubles on Samsung wireless chargers exist nowadays and some of them share the same topic: Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow.

A Summary Of The Yellow Blink On Samsung Wireless Chargers 

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Your Samsung wireless charger keeps blinking yellow and you have no idea what to do? Then this article may be able to help you out. Down below is everything you must keep in mind once it comes to the yellow blink on Samsung wireless chargers.

Meaning Of The Yellow Blink 

To put it plainly, wireless chargers made by Samsung indicate their status in use via the built-in light indicator. If your Samsung wireless charger blinks yellow in the middle of a recharge, abort mode is on due to issues. When Samsung wireless chargers enter abort mode, the flow of electricity would be shut off so the charging is going to come to a halt. To resume charging, it’s necessary to get the chargers out of the abort mode.

Causes Behind The Yellow Blink

All in all, Samsung wireless chargers could run into a number of problems over time but regarding the yellow blink, you should consider these possibilities


In spite of excellent consistency, Samsung wireless chargers still develop troubles out of the blue without any reason on occasions. Most hiccups on Samsung wireless chargers would go away by themselves but some lead to persisting issues that require intervention. Needless to say, articles that address the yellow blink on Samsung wireless chargers tend to mention hiccups as the cause. On the bright side, Samsung users don’t have to do much to get rid of hiccups on wireless chargers.


Thanks to the solid construction, Samsung wireless chargers rarely sustain damages if people pay attention. That being said, accidents happen all the time and it just takes a single component to be damaged for the wireless chargers to go haywire. As a result, if you notice your Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow then you have to take damages into account. It’s worth pointing out that in a couple of cases, chargers may be compromised even though they seem to be intact from the outside.


Usually, Samsung wireless chargers work best with Samsung-rated accessories (pads, plugs, cables, …) which means compatibility is an important consideration. If you pair your wireless chargers with compatible accessories, you should be able to recharge your devices with relative ease. On the other hand, if you pair your wireless chargers with incompatible accessories, the charging process inevitably experiences certain oddities. Because of that, regarding the yellow blink on wireless chargers made by Samsung, incompatibility is one of the top suspects.


A lot of people have a habit of keeping their phone in a case to protect them from physical impact. Nonetheless, while the case seldom interferes with the performance of devices, it could get in the way of wireless charging. The reason is simple: plastic, metal and similar materials on the case occasionally mess up the electromagnetic induction of chargers. Hence, if your Samsung wireless charger keeps blinking yellow, it’s widely advised that you give the case some thought.


For your information, the orientations of devices often dictate how well wireless chargers recharge the battery as time passes by. Assuming that you nail the orientation, Samsung wireless chargers should recharge your phone from start to finish without much difficulty. However, if you fail to orient your phone properly, there is a good chance that the charging process would suffer. Unless you apply adjustments to the device orientation, your wireless charger may be unable to complete the charging as designed.

Solutions For The Yellow Blink 

People use various measures to tackle yellow blink on Samsung wireless chargers but if success is your top priority, you should implement the following fixes.

Unplug And Replug 

In the case that the yellow blink of your Samsung wireless charger is the result of hiccups, you just have to unplug and replug it. By doing so, you could restart the charging process which is enough to get rid of hiccups in most cases. To be thorough, as you replug your charger, it’s suggested that you keep an eye on the light indicator. If the light indicator of the charger no longer blinks yellow, feel free to move on to more pressing matters.

Look For Signs Of Damages 

You have been using your charger for quite some time? Then some of the components may have sustained damages and that leads to charging complications. To test the theory, you have to check components of your wireless charger for damages. Depending on the extent of damages, you can restore the performance of your charger by buying replacements for damaged components. Still, keep in mind that it’s sometimes more economical to buy a new charger than repairing a damaged one.

Assess The Compatibility Of Accessories

Take a look at each of the accessories that you pair with your charger and determine their compatibility with it. If you come across accessories that you believe to be incompatible, replace them immediately and see how things turn out. For good measure, you should buy replacement accessories from reputable retailers to avoid potential problems. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Samsung customer service if you want to get a list of compatible accessories for your wireless charger.

Remove The Case 

Technically, the electromagnetic induction of wireless chargers could work through cases but if your charger blinks yellow, remove the case. Next, place your phone directly on the charging pad to maximize body-on-body contact. If the charger resumes charging normally, it’s possible to conclude that the case of your phone is the culprit. To prevent your wireless charger from acting up during recharge again, you need to think about switching to another case.

Reorient The Phone 

Nothing stands between your phone and the charging pad but the charger still blinks yellow? If that is the case, you should spend a bit of time reorienting your phone. Move the device back and forth while watching the light indicator of your wireless charger. If the light indicator stops blinking at one point, you have to stop moving your phone right there and then.


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Do Samsung wireless chargers support fast charging?

Most modern wireless chargers made by Samsung on the market support fast charging which lets them cut down the time it takes to recharge devices. To make use of fast charging, you only have to enable fast charging on your device before placing it on the charging pad of chargers.

How could I tell if my Samsung wireless charger is charging?

If your wireless charger is working as expected, the battery icon of your phone would change into the charging icon. In addition to that, on the charging pad of the charger, the light indicator is going to light up blue.

What is the average recharge time of Samsung wireless chargers?

The time that Samsung wireless chargers need to recharge devices change from case to case. For standard phones, wireless chargers made by Samsung need between three and four hours to bring a depleted battery to full charge.

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