[SOLVED] Samsung TV Server Under Maintenance

If you keep coming across “Samsung TV server under maintenance”, it’s highly likely that your TV is experiencing bugs and the best solution is to restart the device. Furthermore, you should check out frequency compatibility, apply changes to DNS settings, disable Adblockers, contact Samsung customer service and so on. Spare a bit of your time to learn what must be done and get the most out of your Samsung TV.

Breakdowns Of The Server Maintenance Error


So you have trouble setting your Samsung television as it keeps displaying the server maintenance error? Then it’s highly likely that you would find this article useful. Down below is all the information that you must know about the  “Samsung TV server under maintenance” error from causes to solutions.

A Number Of Possibilities 

Samsung televisions act up every now and then but once it comes to the server maintenance error, certain suspects stand out from the rest.


Similar to their competitors on the market, Samsung TVs experience bugs from time to time in the course of operation. Among the bugs, some create mere nuisance while others impair an assortment of operations on televisions. Hence, if you come across the server maintenance error as you set up your brand-new Samsung television, take bugs into account. You should be able to conclude the setup process with relative ease if you get rid of the bugs that plague your TV.


During the setup process, televisions made by Samsung need to download various things from the Internet so it’s essential to connect them to routers. However, particular Samsung TVs only work with routers that feature compatible frequencies. If you attempt to pair your Samsung television to an incompatible router, the  “Samsung TV server under maintenance” error is one of the potential consequences. Fortunately, if incompatibility is all you have to deal with, there is no need to do much to finish the setup process.


In layman’s terms, the DNS setting of your Samsung TV plays a key role in establishing Internet connections. For most of the time, the default configuration of DNS setting is sufficient to provide access to the Internet. Nonetheless, sometimes, if you use the default configuration of DNS setting while setting up Samsung televisions, your progress may be slowed by errors. Because of that, if the server maintenance error stops you from setting up your TV, give DNS some thought.


To keep advertisements out of the home network, a lot of people install network-wide adblockers like Pi-hole. By taking advantage of ad blockers, you could escape the hassle of putting up with ads on multiple devices including televisions. Still, depending on the way you configure your adblocker, it would interfere with the setup process of televisions. Thus, it’s a good idea to keep ad blockers in mind as you troubleshoot the server maintenance error.


Nothing is out of the ordinary on your TV so you believe that the problem is not from your end? In that case, you probably have to accept the fact that the Samsung server is indeed down for the time being. To set up your Samsung TV, you must wait until the server comes back online. For your information, the maintenance of Samsung service takes anywhere between a couple of hours and a couple of days.

How To Resolve The Error 

Regarding the fix for the “Samsung TV server under maintenance” error, different homeowners often have different ideas. However, if you place the odds of success above all else, it’s strongly recommended that you try out these methods.


While it sounds simple, restart is capable of removing bugs on numerous devices and your Samsung TV is no exception. To restart televisions made by Samsung, open Menu, go to Settings and select Support. Next, move to Self Diagnostic, pick Reset and enter the PIN. Afterward, hit Yes as confirmation then allow your TV to initiate the reset process. Besides that, you always have the option of unplugging and replugging your television to simulate restart.

Check Out The Compatibility 

Use the owner’s manual to determine the WiFi frequency of the router and the frequency compatibility of your TV. In the case that you have a match, feel free to move on to the next fix. Nonetheless, if there is a discrepancy, you could conclude that the server maintenance error is the result of incompatibility. By changing the WiFi frequency of the router, you would be able to resume setting up your Samsung TV.

Change The DNS Setting

Assuming that DNS is responsible for the situation, changing the DNS setting should return things to normal. Go through the steps down below to apply changes to the DNS setting of your Samsung television:

  • Step 1: Open Menu
  • Step 2: Go to Network
  • Step 3: Select IP settings
  • Step 4: Change DNS Setting from Obtain automatically to Enter manually
  • Step 5: Input “” next to DNS Server

Disable Adblockers 

You have an adblocker up and running on the home network? Then it’s widely advised that you disable the adblocker and attempt to set up your Samsung TV one more time. You could enable the adblocker after the setup process finishes so there is no need to worry. That being said, to avoid further troubles in the future, you may want to configure the adblocker so it skips your television.

Contact The Customer Service

Visit the Samsung website, get the contact information of the local customer service and reach out to it. If the Samsung server is down for maintenance, you should be able to get an estimate about when it’s back online. On the other hand, if the Samsung server is up, employees from customer service should instruct you on how to complete the setup process.


How to Change the Language on a Samsung TV

Could I use my Samsung TV without completing the setup process?

Throughout the setup process, it’s possible to skip particular steps and still get access to content on Samsung TV. However, televisions made by Samsung only perform to their full potentials if people set them up properly. That is why it’s best to take care of the setup process from start to finish if you wish to get the most out of your TV. Don’t hesitate to contact the customer service for assistance if you need help while setting up your Samsung television.

Is it possible to set up Samsung televisions using other devices?

If you have a hard time setting up your Samsung TV, there is a workaround you could use: SmartThings. By installing SmartThings on your smartphone, you would be able to bypass the server maintenance error to set up the television.

How do I connect my Samsung TV to routers?

Once it comes to connecting Samsung televisions to routers, two ways exist: WiFi and Ethernet. Between the two, WiFi is more popular since it requires minimal amounts of work: all you have to do is to scan for wireless networks.  If you opt for Ethernet, you have to connect your TV to the router via an Ethernet cable. Compared to WiFi, Ethernet proves superior in terms of stability, speed, … but it’s not as convenient.

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