[SOLVED] Samsung TV Not Recognizing HDMI Input

Overall, to play video and audio from variable sources, today’s televisions including those made by Samsung tend to incorporate a number of HDMI inputs. Using the HDMI inputs, people could connect Samsung TVs to everything from gaming consoles to cable boxes with relative ease. In most of the cases, as homeowners connect Samsung televisions to devices via HDMI cables, they recognize the sources immediately. However, some still notice their Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input from time to time which is kind of annoying.

Why Won’t Samsung TV Recognize HDMI Input?


Have a hard time getting your Samsung television to recognize HDMI inputs and don’t know what to do next? In that case, you may want to read this article. Down below is all the information that you must know about the failure of HDMI input recognition on Samsung TVs.

The Device Is Unpowered

In layman’s terms, for Samsung televisions to recognize devices connected to HDMI inputs, such devices need to be powered. That means if the devices don’t receive power, your TV cannot recognize them until you change their power status. Naturally, a wide range of articles that cover the topic of Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input add unpowered devices in the list of suspects. On the bright side, there is no need to do much to restore power to connected devices of Samsung televisions.

Unstable Power Source 

So you have connected each of your devices to a power source but your television remains unable to recognize them? Then there is a good chance that the power source is responsible for the situation. If the power source is unstable, the power status of devices would fluctuate and that interferes with the recognition process. Unless you manage to address the instability of power sources, it’s tough to maintain a connection between your Samsung and all of its devices.

Issues With HDMI Cable 

The HDMI cable is the link between devices and televisions so issues with HDMI cable inevitably disrupt the recognition process. Because of that, if your Samsung TV fails to recognize devices out of the blue, one of your first suspects should be the HDMI cable. A couple of issues that the HDMI cable runs into in use have straightforward fixes. That being said, sometimes you may have to replace the cable to get your TV to recognize devices connected to its inputs like usual again.

Input Troubles 

HDMI inputs on Samsung televisions don’t get damaged easily but as time passes by, they could experience several troubles. Needless to say, when the inputs act up, your TV is incapable of recognizing devices. For minor problems with HDMI inputs on televisions, you would be able to work out the solution on your own. Nonetheless, if you know little about televisions in general, it’s best to let the pros take a look at the inputs of your TV.


If nothing seems out of the ordinary with the hardware, you should consider the possibility that the software of your TV is at fault here. In the course of operation, Samsung televisions develop a few software issues that impair functions including the recognition of devices. You suddenly notice your Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input? If that is indeed the case, you have to check out the software of your television for signs of errors.

Fixing Failure To Recognize Inputs: A Guide For Homeowners 

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All in all, during discussions about Samsung TV being unable to recognize inputs, different people tend to use different fixes. However, if you prefer to resolve the recognition failure as soon as possible then it’s strongly recommended that you try out the following measures.

Inspect The Connected Devices 

If your Samsung TV cannot recognize the HDMI input, it’s a good idea to glance over the connected devices. In the beginning, you should determine whether you have turned on the switch of devices. Next, you need to proceed to see if the plug of the devices attaches securely to the power source. Loose plug is going to prevent the flow of electricity from reaching the devices and the result is a recognition difficulty.

Switch To Another Power Source

Assuming that the devices appear ok, you must think about switching the power source that provides the devices with electricity. By using another power source, you could see if the original power source is the one that gives you trouble. If your TV recognizes the input after the switch, feel free to conclude that the original power source is bad. On the other hand, if the recognition failure persists on your Samsung television, move on to the fix down below.

Give The HDMI Cable A Look 

Remove the HDMI cable that connects your TV to devices then check it for damages. Remember that even if a cable looks mostly intact from the outside, its internal wiring may have already sustained damage. Hence, if you wish to be thorough, it’s widely advised that you grab a cable replacement for your TV. Nowadays, you would be able to pick up HDMI cables at the local electronic stores.

Take A Look At The Inputs 

Over time, a lot of things from dirt to insects could cause troubles for the HDMI inputs of Samsung televisions. As a result, once it comes to Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input, examining the inputs is a top priority. In quite a few cases, the recognition failure vanishes after people clean the TV inputs. Of course, you have to cut power to your TV before cleaning the inputs so you don’t get shocked.

Assess The TV Software 

On occasions, software errors would prevent television from recognizing devices connected to their HDMI inputs. To resolve the situation, you should turn your TV off and on, update its software, perform a factory reset, etc. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer service of Samsung for in-depth instructions on software errors. The moment the software is free of error, your Samsung television is going to recognize HDMI inputs with relative ease.


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How many HDMI inputs do Samsung televisions have?

The number of HDMI inputs changes from model to model but an average Samsung could connect to a couple of devices at the same time. You could determine how many inputs your TV possesses by reading its owner’s manual. In times of need, it’s possible to add more HDMI inputs to your television using certain add-on devices. Such devices usually have no-nonsense installation so setting them up is a walk in the park by all accounts.

Could HDMI inputs of Samsung TVs support 4K?

All modern Samsung televisions come with HDMI inputs that support 4K so you don’t have to worry too much. As long as you use good HDMI cables, you would have an easy time connecting your TV to 4K sources.

Do I have to use particular HDMI inputs for particular devices?

Unless specified otherwise, HDMI inputs on televisions made by Samsung perform in the same manner. Because of that, feel free to connect available inputs on your TV to surrounding devices as you see fit.