SOLVED! - Quick Solutions to Android Personal Dictionary Missing

Are you getting frustrated with your dictionary whenever you type a message or send emails to friends just because your Android phone has lost your personal dictionary? You keep searching for days but haven’t found any proper solutions yet? So let us troubleshoot this problem by giving this article: quick solutions to Android personal dictionary missing.

You can watch this step by step video:

android personal dictionary missing

What is the personal dictionary Android?

Normally, personal dictionary Android is just a list of words that you make your phone memorize for further uses. Creating a personal dictionary on Android is important as it allows users to type in messages faster because of its ability to predict words.

For example, you want to save the short version of “on my way” to “omw”, just do it manually by going to Settings -> Language and Keyboard -> go to to the menu where you can access Settings for the user dictionary -> Press Add then type a particular word, finally choose Ok. After that, whenever you type “omw”, the dictionary of the keyboard will immediately predict and insert it in the field.

Personal dictionary

Why Android Personal Dictionary Missing?

The reasons why may come from many factors and even sometimes we don’t know what we did wrong. We found that a lot of Samsung users claimed they totally lost their personal dictionary after updating Android version or the Google keyboard. This is bad when your 4-year of your own dictionary has gone.

The others forgot to turn on this dictionary so they thought that Android personal dictionary missing. So please check it carefully.

Quick solutions to Android Personal Dictionary Missing?

Turn on Personal Dictionary

So lots of you guys forget to turn it on, and here are the steps (we use Google Pixel XL phone as an example, other Android phones do almost the same):

1. Go to Settings on your Android phone, direct to System.

Android Personal Dictionary Missing

Go to Settings then choose System

2. Then tap Language & Input.

Android Personal Dictionary Missing

Tap Language & Input

3. Choose “Virtual Keyboard” to open the keyboard that you’ve installed.

Android Personal Dictionary Missing

Choose Virtual keyboard

4. The phone will give you a list of all the keyboards you have, just tap on the one that contains your personal dictionary (mine is Gboard).

Android Personal Dictionary Missing

Choose the dictionary you’re using

5. Then tap “Dictionary“.

Android Personal Dictionary Missing

Choose Dictionary

6. Here, you will see your personal dictionary. Tap there then see if your words list is here or not.

Android Personal Dictionary Missing

Select Personal dictionary

If your saved words are here then congratulations, you haven’t lost them. If not, you should uninstall and then reinstall the keyboard again.

How to sync your dictionary or learned words between Android devices

If you got a new phone and you want to sync your learned words from old phone to the new one, follow our instruction:

  1. Sign in to the same account in both devices.
  2.  Select the language you use and your input tool and click Done
  3. Go to Setting in your Android phone -> Language & Input -> Google keyboard -> Dictionary and enable Sync learned words.
android sync dictionary

Enable Sync learned words

5. Press OK to confirm your action.

enable Sync learned words

Press Ok to confirm your action


To sum up, personal dictionary is really important and it will be a big problem if we lose it. Milagromobilemarketing has shown you the ways to recover the Android personal dictionary missing. We hope that the information we provide is helpful for you. If you have any problem related to this, feel free to let us know by leaving comments.

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