[SOLVED] Quick Solution to Remove Avast Anti Theft from Android

How to remove Avast Anti Theft from android? Why can’t you do that even if you try many times?

Unlike other regular apps, it’s a little complicated to erase Avast Anti Theft from Android because it’s protected. You have to remove the protection first. Then, what you have to do is to follow the comprehensive guide of milagromobilemarketing here.

What is Avast Anti Theft?

At the initial stage, you need to grasp the basic information about Avast Anti Theft. Technically, it is a security app for Android to keep your device from unwanted phishing, malware, and malicious viruses. It also offers other outstanding features to help you use your device easier.

By the way, before getting slapped with a lawsuit from Avast, you need to figure out the reasons why users find it useless and try to remove it. Take your time as we got you covered. We will clarify the shortcomings of the app compared to its counterparts.

On the other hand, we do recommend you to carefully consider before carrying out the action. 

remove Avast Anti Theft from android

What are the functions of Avast anti-theft application?

remove Avast Anti Theft from android


Avast Anti Theft will scan all applications which you installed on your Android to inform you about any security risk. Admittedly, your devices somewhat protected from damages caused by some sorts of malware. However, this app is not a wise choice as it is unable to protect your operating system 100% from other viruses.

Boost RAM

This function can help to facilitate your devices’ performance. To be more specific, Boost Ram feature will uninstall all applications running in the background. This can be explained that those apps slow down your device. Compared to other apps in the marketplace, this feature is not a brand new one to capture the attention of users.

Clean junk

With this feature, you will see the current amount of the used storage space on your device through the app. It also makes sure that your free space is safe and helps you free up more space.

Scan Wifi

The Check Speed option of this app can detect the issues of your network with the encryption, router, Wifi, and other connections.

VPN protection

Your online activity is kept from eavesdropping through an encrypted tunnel while you are connecting to the Internet via secure Avast VPN servers.

However, this advantage is only available for an Ultimate or Ultimate Multi subscription. Hence, it somewhat discourages users from remaining the app on their Android.

How to remove Avast Anti Theft from Android

Note: One thing you should keep in mind is that depending on the different device modes, Android versions, and vendor customizations, the following steps may differ slightly.

Deactivate the Device Administrators permission

Before removing Avast Anti Theft on Android via Google Play or using the uninstall option in your Android Settings, you have to deactivate the Device Administrators permission as follows:

Step 1: On your device, go to settings and select security.

remove Avast Anti Theft from android

Step 2: Select Device administrators

Step 3: Choose Avast Anti Theft

Step 4: Select Deactivate in order to disable the permission

Remove Avast Anti Theft

remove Avast Anti Theft from android

Now, it’s the right time to uninstall Avast Mobile Security on Android. Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully get rid of all the inconveniences of the app.

Step 1: On your device, go to the Settings and tap Apps

Step 2: Tap Avast Anti Theft from the app list

Step 3: After that, you tap Uninstall

Step 4: Finally, tap OK in order to confirm the uninstallation process 

After finishing the removal, reboot your Android device to complete the process.

The Bottom Line

With this detailed instruction, you can easily get avast! Anti-Theft removal on Android. Don’t forget to leave your words in the comment section below. You can visit our webpage to read more informative articles