Quick instruction on how to view Steam purchase history

Steam is a popular gaming platform with most of the gamers all over the world. It provides both free games and in-purchased games. Besides, Steam also has a Community Market for trading items with other players in every game supported by Steam. Checking purchase history is an important feature of Steam. Let’s read to know how to view Steam purchase history. 

how to view steam purchase history

How to view Steam purchase history

Purchase activities on Steam

Steam is the biggest gaming platform and the purchase activities on Steam also so crowded. Steam offers thousands of paid games, where is the best place for game developers to sell their products, and for the players to experience the latest and unique games. 

Steam also has Community Market for players to trade their items. For each game, especially online games like PUBG, CS GO, Dota,… players can sell their in-game items on the market. Therefore, money management on Steam is significant, we need to manage not only our Steam wallet but also our purchase history.

When do we need to know how to check purchases history on Steam?

In many cases, we need to use this feature of Steam. The following purposes that make you need to check purchases history:

  • Ensure there are no unusual transactions in your account. 

To ensure your account security, you need to check account transactions regularly to promptly deal with unusual situations that occur in your account. It also helps to manage your steam wallet, where you put your money in. 

  • Get proof for your offline transaction.

As we know, trading on Steam is so eventful. The offline transaction is also a kind of trading to reduce transacting tax on Steam. You just need to head to purchase history and do screenshot your purchase to have a proof for your transaction.

  • Need purchase supports from Steam.

There is no perfect system. Sometimes, you may have problems with purchase on Steam. When you request Steam support, they will demand you to prove (request proof of) your purchases, a screenshot of purchase history will be helpful at that time.

How to view Steam transaction history?

This feature may not be unfamiliar with someone but this feature should be known by every Steam user. Details on how to view purchases on Steam are below, keep reading for more details:

  • Open your Steam Client or open your browser and go to the Steam website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click your name next to your avatar in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select Account Details

    how to view steam purchase history

    Click on Account Details

  • In Store and Purchase History box click on View Purchase History

    how to view steam purchase history

    Click on View purchase history

  • Then you can see the Purchase History displayed.

Your purchase history will include the following:

  • Date of purchase.
  • Items name.
  • Type of purchase.
  • Total purchase amount.
  • Wallet updated.

Wrap up

That’s all about how to view Steam purchase history. I hope my writing will be helpful to you. Good luck.

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