[SOLVED] Q&A about Western Union App for Android

Western Union or Western Union US is an international money transfer app. Through years, WU has been installed by over 5 million Android users and received a hundred thousands of positive reviews on Google Play. So, in this article, milagromobilemarketing will answer all your questions about Western Union App for Android.

western union apps for android

What is the Western Union app for Android?

Just like PayPal, Google Pay Send or Venmo, Western Union allows you to transfer money, pay bills, estimate transfer fees, track transfers, find agent locations, etc via both credit and debit cards. Moreover, the Western Union app is best known for its bank transfer, money order, bill payment, and gift card services. Western Union app is now available in both Google Play and Apple Store.

How does Western Union for Android Work?

The Western Union app can process bank-to-bank money transfers, debit or credit card payments, or conventional Western Union money orders for varying fees. Users only have to navigate the app to select with the method they prefer and see the amount they will be charged. Western Union’s fees vary based on the service selected, but the app does not have a free option.

The steps for sending money online will be described as in this picture:

How does Western Union Work

What services can you access with the mobile app?

The Western Union has both a website and mobile app, so you will use the mobile app to:

  • Find an agent: you can get maps and directions to thousands of participating agent locations
  • Estimate prices: Compare fees for Western Union services
  • Track a transfer: Get t
    he current status of your transactions
  • Send money: Existing customers are able to send money, depending on their online transaction history with Western Union. But new customers have to meet certain criteria before they can send money using the mobile app.

Is the Western Union app for Android safe?


Is the Western Union app for Android safe

WU takes safety seriously. Plus, it is one of the most reliable and oldest financial services and communications companies in the world. It protects your international money transfer using digital safeguards and a long history of service. Here are how it protects our money:

  • SSL technology: WU uses encryption technology to keep your bank and identifying information safe along every step of the transfer.
  • Backup for recipients without ID: you can establish a test question to ensure that your funds are not delayed.
  • In business since 1851: Rest assured that WU has had many years to work out any kinks.
  • Publicly traded company: It has a reputation to uphold and shareholders to keep happy.
  • 24/7 customer support: It offers around-the-clock help online and by phone.

Why does Western Union mobile app available only in selected countries?

The answer is due to consumers’ demand. Western Union’s digital send is in 37 countries (data in August 2016) which cover most of the largest countries. It would be adding more, however, the hassle of localization might not justify the increase in volume from ever smaller corridors. Here is a picture as of July 2015:

western union

What do you need to do to be able to send money using the mobile app?

Firstly, you need to have an existing online Western Union customer. New customers can register for free online. And you’ll also need to have successfully completed an online money transfer and have your credit/debit card details saved in your profile.

Because of security, your card details must have been saved in your profile for at least 60 days after your first successful online money transfer before you can send using the mobile app.


To sum up, Western Union App for Android is a very good app. This article milagromobilemarketing has shown you FAQs about it. Thanks for reading!