How to Delete Tumblr Account 

Deleting the Tumblr account is not simplistic, and for whatever reason, you decided to do so, ride along the instructions to do so. 

How to edit photos using Photoshop app

Photoshop is a powerful software to transform images the way you want. Trust us; the results are always professional. Sadly, many people do not know how to use this powerful software, especially how to make a layer bigger in Photoshop.

How to set default font in Google docs

Google docs have a standard default font; most people, however, may find this font not friendly. Thus, they opt to change to a font that fits their requirements.

Tips on Adding a Number to a Group Text

A problem arises when a person you want to send a message to isn’t in the group you’ve already created. That means you have to add the person first before you send the message. Do you know how to add a number to a group text? Well, there are different ways to achieve this. Let’s take a look

In-depth Guide on charging your switch

Whether you are using a Nintendo Switch Console or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you need to know how to charge your switch. There are some indications on how to tell if the switch is charging