How to Cut a Movie in iMovie On Your iPhone

Various as iMovie functions are, in today’s article, as the title says, we’ll focus on guiding you on how to cut a movie in iMovie on your iPhone.

How to set default font in Google docs

Google docs have a standard default font; most people, however, may find this font not friendly. Thus, they opt to change to a font that fits their requirements.

Tips on Adding a Number to a Group Text

A problem arises when a person you want to send a message to isn’t in the group you’ve already created. That means you have to add the person first before you send the message. Do you know how to add a number to a group text? Well, there are different ways to achieve this. Let’s take a look

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Whether you are using a Nintendo Switch Console or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you need to know how to charge your switch. There are some indications on how to tell if the switch is charging

Best way to Print Four Slides on One Page

Knowing how to print multiple slides on one page isn’t tricky as it may sound. Basically, learning a few tricks can help you achieve that.

How to quickly get rid of extra spaces in Word

In that case, To remove extra spaces in Microsoft Word features are already provided in Microsoft Word. The procedure for removing multiple extra blank spaces in Word Document  10, 13, and 16 is basically alike. In this article, we will focus on eliminating extra spaces between words, lines, and paragraphs.