[SOLVED] Random Pictures in My Gallery Android

Some of our readers have asked us a rather eerie question “why are random pictures in my gallery Android?

After some back and forth questions and speculation, we have figured out the reason behind it and come up with feasible solutions to get rid of this situation. 

random pictures in my gallery android

Possible explanation and solution

Below is the list of common causes that lead to random pictures showing up on Android’s gallery. Read on to know the resolution consistent with each reason.

Shared album

Go to your album and see if there is a shared album or shared library album. If so, open it and see if the random pictures saved into your gallery was there. 

Our best guess is that, somehow, you have accidentally switch on the shared album option with someone else. So whatever photos they download to that folder will also in your phone too. 

Quick note, not all Android devices have the shared album option, so read on if yours one is among them.  


Cached image

Most apps which you download would use cached image function. These photos could be downloaded from the last time you access the apps (scroll through without seeing), its logo, update or whatever. 

The point is, these images are not supposed to show up in your gallery. They will be stored in a folder named “.nomedia” during the coding of the app. 

However, bugs, errors or glitches could happen and these photos somehow found their way to your gallery. 

You can trace these photos back to their origin by opening them, click menu and access the properties. Or for some other Android device, it would be clicking on the three dots, then details. 

random pictures in my gallery Android

The properties/details would let you know the directory of the images and you can decide to put up with it or delete the apps altogether. 

By the way, if you decide to replace it with another app, don’t forget to check out our site right here, we are sure you will find a better replacement.

Keyboard apps

Some keyboard apps would have a huge variety of stickers, GIFs, or meme ready to be downloaded and used. However, similar to the cached image, they are not hidden but would be directly downloaded to your gallery if you choose to use that stickers/GIFs/meme package. 

The difference, in this case, is how the app works, rather than the developer forgetting about storing it in “.nomedia” folder. 

Apart from keyboard apps, some other apps might work in the same way too. So don’t freak out and just locate the source. 

Factory reset

If you would like to make sure that the problem isn’t caused by a malicious app, then we suggest wiping the data of your phone completely to get rid of random photos appearing on your phone.

Reboot your phone and before the start-up animation shows up, press and hold three buttons simultaneously: Power button, volume, and the home button. A recovery menu will show up then choose the factory reset or wipe data. 

random pictures in my gallery Android

Another thing you should do is to change all your passwords and password recovery details. 

Bottom line

Above is what Milagromobilemarketing think would be the most possible reasons. If you are still concerned about this inconvenience or the problem persists, please contact us via our official website and choose to read more posts here

Our tech team will come back to you as soon as possible with a rational explanation for your wonder. 

Hopefully, you will get it fixed soon and no more “why are random pictures in my gallery Android.”