[SOLVED] This Page Has Become Unresponsive Android

About “this page has become unresponsive” Android error, it’s highly that the cache is responsible and you must clear the browser cache and application data to bring things back to normal. Use the Apps or App management utility to locate your browser and clear the storage. In addition to that, you can look for stronger Wi-Fi networks, change between browsers, perform a factory reset and so on. Spare a bit of your time to read this article if you want to optimize your browsing experience.

this page has become unresponsive Android

Things you can do to fix page unresponsive before smashing your phone

Keep calm, don’t give in to your anger just yet. Below are some solutions which have been able to help several of our readers with the issue. 

Clear browser cache and app data

Cached data and app data are where the apps store information of your previous access for future use. The more you use the app, the more clustered they get.

These are pretty much the Android equivalent version of getting old. It causes the browser to freeze more frequently during its “old age”. Regularly wiping the cache and app data to declutter its storage could help with the web page freezing issue significantly. 

this page has become unresponsive Android

To do so, go to Settings and scroll to Apps or Apps management (whatever it is called explicitly in your device). Locate the browser, then tap on it to access further details. There should be two options to clear cache data and app data. Press both of them to clear the storage.

If the issue seems to be gone with this fix, remember to repeat it regularly as the browser tend to get clustered again pretty quickly.

Poor wifi signal

Another possible reason for the unresponsive web page could just be your slow wifi connection. To check if it is the wifi that causes the issue, rerun the web page with 4G. Alternatively, try loading a video using wifi if you do not have a working mobile data plan.

In case the issue isn’t caused by internet connection, our next best bet would be a browser issue.

Switch to Opera 

this page has become unresponsive Android

Most browser apps out there are quite decent. However, there might be a compatibility issue that causes a freeze up regularly. Try switching to another browser and see if the situation improves. 

Since you are using an Android, we assume that you are already familiar with the Google Chrome browser. However, our team would recommend switching to Opera browser app which can be downloaded right here www.milagromobilemarketing.com

The reason why we recommend Opera is because of its turbo feature. It improves web page loading speed which is exactly what you need right now. 

Factory reset

this page has become unresponsive Android

The last desperate attempt you can try is to perform a factory reset. To do so, access the bootloader menu by restarting the device then simultaneous hold down the power, volume up and home button before the start-up animation kicks in.

Then simply use the volume up and down buttons to navigate to factory reset and press the power button to select the command. 

Your data will be lost and you will have to install everything again, but at least that might spare you a few hundred bucks for a replacement (Remember to backup your data before doing so).

Wrapping up

Essentially, that’s all there is on how to fix this page has become unresponsive Android error. We sincerely hope that the problem is solved and you didn’t smack it pieces. Read more posts to grasp more Android tips and tricks right here.

Drop a comment below to tell us which solution worked for you. It will seriously help other readers and us in the form of data collection. Thanks for reading and supporting.