[SOLVED] No OEM Unlock In Developer Options

While Android features multiple adjustment options by default, many still opt to enable the developer menu to access additional customization including the OEM unlocking option. Via OEM unlocking, Android users could unlock the bootloader which lets them install access system files, flash custom ROMs, modify the kernel and so on. Usually, OEM unlocking is available the moment people enable the developer menu of the devices. That being said, on occasions, certain owners of Android devices notice that there is no OEM unlock in developer options.

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How To Recover OEM Unlock 

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You have a hard time locating OEM unlocking in the developer menu of your Android phone and need some help? Then there is a good chance that this article would be of use to you. Down below is everything you must remember about dealing with the unavailability of OEM unlocking.

Date And Time Tweak 

In case you don’t know, when Android devices enter Prenormal RMM or KG state, OEM unlocking is going to be hidden for a week. To access the OEM unlocking option in the developer menu, you need to wait for a week which is kind of annoying if you lack patience.

Luckily, you should be able to bypass the restriction by tweaking the date and time.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings, select General Management and choose Date and Time.
  • Step 2: Disable Automatic date and time
  • Step 3: Set the date manually (pick a date in the last month)
  • Step 4: Back out to Settings, select About and choose Software information
  • Step 5: Tap on Build Number around 7 times to enable Developer menu
  • Step 6: Back out to Settings, select Developer options and disable Auto-update system
  • Step 7: Back out to Settings, select Software update and disable Auto-download over WiFi
  • Step 8: Tap the Download updates manually option
  • Step 9: Reboot the device
  • Step 10: Go to Developer options to enable OEM unlocking

Note: If the OEM unlocking option remains unavailable, it’s suggested that you re-enable Automatic date and time then see how things turn out.

Check For Updates Tweak 

In layman’s terms, Check for updates is a feature that lets you determine whether the software of your Android device is up-to-date. If you feel frustrated by the fact that there is no OEM unlock in developer options, you could use Check for updates to retrieve it.

  • Step 1: Disable Automatic date and time
  • Step 2: Set the date manually (again, you have to pick a date in the last month)
  • Step 3: Connect the device to the Internet and enable the Download Updates Automatically
  • Step 4: Tap on Download Update
  • Step 5: When the check for updates wrap up, change the date back to normal and see if  OEM unlocking shows up on the developer menu

Firmware Flashing 

All in all, firmware flashing takes time and effort to perform but it is going to bring back OEM unlocking. To initiate firmware flashing, you need to have a combination firmware as well as a flashing tool on your computer.

  • Step 1: Download a flashing tool (for instance, Odin) to your computer
  • Step 2: Download the stock firmware that your phone uses to your computer
  • Step 3: Create a combination firmware
  • Step 4: Backup the data on your phone and perform a factory reset
  • Step 5: Connect your phone uses to your computer then flash the combination firmware

Pros And Cons Of OEM Unlocking

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  • Access: By using the OEM unlocking option to unlock bootloader, you could gain access to an assortment of administrative settings. Hence, you should have an easy time customizing various aspects of the Android operating system.
  • Applications: With the bootloader out of the way, you would be able to install apps usually blocked by the administrator. That is advantageous if you like to perform specific tasks.
  • Management: In most cases, if you unlock the bootloader with OEM unlocking, managing partitions, pre-installed bloatware and others is a walk in the park. You desire optimal phone experiences? Then you don’t regret using the OEM unlocking option.


  • Block: For security reasons, a number of Android applications and services won’t run on devices with OEM unlocking enabled. As a result, you could lose the ability to execute certain activities on your phone.
  • Vulnerability: Following the unlock of bootloader, Android devices may fall victim to numerous malicious software. All it takes is one mistake for third parties to take control of your phone and collect data on it.


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Is it safe to enable OEM unlocking?

In layman’s terms, the bootloader protects Android devices from a multitude of risks including data theft, hardware manipulation, etc. If you use OEM unlocking, the bootloader can no longer safeguard your phone and that requires a lot of consideration. Assuming that you know your way around Android, feel free to take advantage of OEM unlocking as you see fit. On the other hand, in the case that you know little about the Android OS, it’s a good idea to leave the bootloader alone.

Could OEM unlocking void the warranty? 

Generally speaking, different brands tend to have different policies once it comes to the warranty. However, quite a few manufacturers of devices state that they won’t uphold the warranty if customers enable OEM unlocking. That is only to be expected: OEM unlocking simply exposes phones to too many vulnerabilities in the course of operation. As a result, if you want to make use of the warranty when things go south, avoid unlocking the bootloader.

What happens to my data if I unlock the bootloader?

The moment you use OEM unlocking to unlock the bootloader, the internal storage of your device would be wiped clean. Therefore, it’s essential to backup all the data on your phone before enabling OEM unlocking in the developer menu.

How do I disable OEM unlocking?

You could disable the OEM unlocking option on your phone in nearly the same way as you enable it. Go to Settings, select Develop options and toggle the switch next to OEM unlocking. Keep in mind that if you unlock the bootloader with OEM unlocking, the option is going to be hidden for one week. In the case that you wish to disable OEM unlocking immediately after enabling it, use the date and time tweak.