[SOLVED] Microsoft Publisher App for Android: App Description and Features

Microsoft Publisher app for Android allows people to type, edit, format, read and convert .pub documents on their Android smartphone. By taking advantage of the app, Android users can gain complete over documents. Thanks to its built-in connectivity, the application can retrieve and save .pub documents in your internal storage, an SD card, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.Check out this article if you like to determine whether the app fits your preferences before getting it. 

Microsoft Publisher app on Android
Microsoft Publisher app on Android

Microsoft Publisher overview

Microsoft Publisher is an advanced and modern yet user-friendly design and publishing app. This app lets you view, edit, form, save, print and convert PUB document with various compatible and simple-to-use edit or insert new PUB document objects, for example, text box, table, picture, shape, etc.

Microsoft Publisher app for creating documents
Microsoft Publisher app for creating documents

Publisher boasts of great features that can be accessed easily via a basic interface. It offers numerous options for bulk or batch actions to cut down the time spent on desktop or mobile publishing tasks. The image quality can also be swapped or enhanced thanks to a bunch of comprehensive effects. Tools relevant to color swatches, text effects, and others can also assist in improving print quality.

Microsoft Publisher helps users to have the better editor and creator experience for PUB document. You can open a series of .pub files, Publisher can manage and support all kinds of multiple versions. Moreover, Publisher documents can be collected from anywhere on your device, email attachments, documents on the Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and in other Android applications you can save them in Publisher.  Open, edit, export as PDF, Image, and PUB document formats with ease and then share and email back again. You also can straight create PUB document with diverse paper size, all of them are totally compatible with MS PUB document.

Microsoft Publisher for PUB document
Microsoft Publisher for PUB document

Because Microsoft Publisher is included in the Microsoft Office Professional kit, it perfectly integrates with the IT giant’s other applications.

Microsoft Publisher key features

  • Professional-level effects and tools for enhancing text, shape, and image quality.
  • Drag-and-drop pictures to import and swap.
  • Specific ruler and guides for precise measurements.
  • Importing pictures from online albums like Facebook and Flickr.
  • Using high-resolution picture backgrounds.
  • Tools for merging mail.
  • Personalization tools.
  • Share documents.
  • Save documents in the cloud by default.
  • Save high-res files via popular image formats.
Microsoft Publisher app on Microsoft software
Microsoft Publisher app on Microsoft software

Microsoft Publisher app functions

View PUB documents
Every PUB document page will be parsed with a high accuracy level, most of the document basic format and layout can be kept successfully, you can simply view it from one page to another.

Edit documents
Microsoft Publisher offers compatible object library for PUB document, you can edit PUB document object with ease in multiple object style settings. Publisher can smoothly operate the text, shape(rectangle, round rectangle, oval, triangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, diamond, pentagon, circle, arrow, star, line, line with arrow, dashed line, curve, scribble, etc.), picture, table editing, and also lets you insert new text, shape, photo, and table.

Microsoft Publisher document app
Microsoft Publisher document app

Microsoft Publisher has the same object format window, so you are able to easily form the objects, adjust text font, color, border, fill and rotation, modify the picture, table, shape, border, fill and rotation. Furthermore, the table element has a similar presets style with PUB table object. In Microsoft Publisher app, you cut/copy/paste object, insert or delete page, set page background, and so on with ease. You also can rearrange the objects by moving it to front and send to back. All of these will be very helpful and time-saving for your editing.

Produce documents
Publisher app can create new PUB document straight with any paper size that you want.

Master page and background
Publisher app covers all the same PUB master page and page background features. You can form PUB document with this app, and the master page is unrestricted. Publisher app can use background with color, gradient, and photo.

Store and reopen documents
Microsoft Publisher app offers standard PUB document saving format, and it can be reopened by Microsoft Publisher software on all supported platforms.

Publisher to PDF
In Microsoft Publisher app on Android, you can export documents under PDF format.

Convert to PDF format in Microsoft Publisher
Convert to PDF format in Microsoft Publisher

Publisher to Image
You can also export in the form of an image(JPG).

Print Document
Print your PUB documents fast.

Store email attachments
Open attachments quickly from the Mail app. Besides, you can view PUB document from any app on the Android device.

Microsoft Publisher app for Android
Microsoft Publisher app for Android

Edit and share document
Publisher app permits you to import files from different storages such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, etc. Also, share documents on these platforms.


In this writing, we have just explained thoroughly all about Microsoft Publisher app. Do comment below if you have any questions about this app.

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