[SOLVED] Make Your Device Colorful and Unique by Kik Themes for Android Download

In this modern world, the internet and technology have become the king of choice and chances. So, Kik Messenger like any other application on the market requires a great understanding to make the best use of it. 

A good number of individuals have raised some questions regarding opening a Kik account, operating Kik, preventing someone on Kik as well as the general use of Kik Chat

Kik themes are a unique tool that Android provides its users. However, this can remain a mystery for the majority of users, even though they have used this app for a long time. Keep reading to discover Kik themes for Android download in this article. 

So, what are Kik themes exactly? 

Kik is an instant messaging and social network application, connecting you with friends from all over the world, and creating chat groups on different topics and sharing photos quickly among users. The app has a wide range of emoji, GIFs, meme, sketch photos, and “viral videos” (viral videos) for you to discover.

And Customizable Kik themes are a special gift for Android devices because this is out of the iOs users’ reach. There is only a small thing that you must bear in mind: the team behind Kik Messenger does not create kik themes, so you might pay some security risks to download it. Therefore, you will have a little help from this article to download it safely. 

Kik themes are unique and make your phone more colorful

Putting a Theme on your Kik

Although you are old-hands with the downloads of several applications on your phone or your computer. But this time it will work somehow differently. You must follow a basic rule: you are not adding anything to this app, but you are downloading a themed version of the app itself. 

If you want to do this in the best way, any installation of a themed version should be prefaced by uninstalling any version of Kik on your Android device. 

And how to protect you out of security risks?

  • Make sure your username, password and email address are unique and born in mind
  • Copy any messages in Kik you want to save. 
  • Save the memorial photos and videos as well.

Kik themes are unique and make your phone more colorful.

Finding a theme on the marketplace

Kik themes are not a part of Google Play, so you must search around on the internet to find a lovely one. And also, you will not be able to run the latest version because of the update. 

Now is the hardest thing, searching. On some websites like Beautiful Droid or Kin marketplace, you can find a numerous themed Version of Kik applications to download. 

Here are some tips for you to download from the Kin Marketplace.  Buy from the Kin Marketplace

How To buy a theme on Kik

  1. If you are on the main chat list, click the plus.
  2. Select Kin Marketplace Beta
  3. Under the Spend section, tap Chat Themes
  4. You will find different items for you to purchase, as well as the cost.
  5. Tap Buy when you are addicted to the theme.
  6. Tap Confirm Purchase
  7. Remind to close the marketplace if you buy themes from this.

Setting Kik themes

Now is the part of setting

  1. If you are on the main chat list, click the conversation you want to make a change.
  2. In the top bar, you will find the group’s name or people’s name, tap on it.
  3. Choose Change Chat Theme
  4. Browse the themes that you have downloaded.
  5. Tap Set Theme to get it yours.

Set Theme

You’ll be taken back to the chat with your spiffy item now set for you and anyone else in the conversation.

So, above are all tips, tricks as well as some risks you might go through if you want to buy a fabulous chat theme in Kik. If you’re still unclear or would like to have more detail, don’t hesitate to visit our website: milagromobilemarketing.com.