[SOLVED] LG G3 Green Screen Of Death

In the course of operation, LG G3 could run into hiccups but in terms of severity, none could match LG G3 green screen of death. If you come across the green screen of death while using your LG G3, you should power off the device. Other solutions include flashing the firmware, sending in the device for repair and so on. Continue reading to learn what must be done to bring your LG G3 back to working order.

What Is Going On

All in all, it’s not uncommon for LG G3 and Android devices in general to act up in use. Still, in the case of LG G3 green screen of death, you must consider the suspects down below:


For your information, your LG G3 and its Android OS rely on the firmware to carry out basic functions. If the firmware experiences problems, it’s only natural that the device would go haywire. You see the green screen of death every time you use your LG G3? Then it’s strongly recommended that you give firmware some thought.


In layman’s terms, LG G3 only performs to its full potential if the hardware works as expected. That means hardware issues such as overheating could mess up the operation of the device. Assuming that you act in a timely manner, you should be able to return your LG G3 to normal. However, depending on the situation, you may have to seek assistance from the pros.

Approaches To The Situation

Power Off

If you suspect overheating to be responsible for the green screen of death on your LG G3, power off the device at once. Remove the back cover of your LG G3, get the battery out and place everything in a well-ventilated spot. After a few hours, assemble the device, press and hold the Power button then see how things turn out.

Flash The Firmware

Note: While flashing the firmware should fix all troubles that plague the firmware, it also voids the warranty. Additionally, if you mess up the process, there is a good chance that you would brick the device. Therefore, it’s suggested that you weigh your options before flashing the firmware. In the case that you lack confidence, feel free to ask someone else to flash the firmware in your stead.


  • Make sure that the Internet connection of your computer is stable.
  • Charge the battery of your LG G3 to at least 50%.
  • Get your hand on a USB cable.


  • Step 1: On your computer, download the stock firmware, LG drivers and LG Flash Tool 2014 (requires Visual C++ Runtime Library). If you use Verizon, download Verizon drivers instead of LG ones.
  • Step 2: Connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable then press and hold the Volume Up button on your phone to get it into Download mode.
  • Step 3: Use WinRAR to extract LG Flash Tool 2014 and run LGFlashTool2014.exe.
  • Step 4: You have two options: Normal flash will flash the ROM without deleting data which is a solid choice if you want to keep your stuff. On the other hand, CSE flash will flash the ROM and delete your data. Proceed to choose the option that suits you most and select your desired language (defaults to English).
  • Step 5: Allow the process to go all the way.

Send In The Device For Repair

None of the above works? In that case, your last resort is to send in the device for repair.

Visit a service center in the neighborhood then ask the employees there to check out your LG G3 and carry out repairs. If the device is still under warranty, you don’t have to worry about expenses. However, if the warranty is no longer valid, you must cover the cost of repair on your own. Don’t hesitate to pick up a brand-new phone if you believe the repair is too expensive.