[SOLVED] Internal Audio Recording Is Not Allowed by Android

Regarding “internal audio recording is not allowed by Android”, the lack of support is the one responsible for most of the time. For solutions, you should be able to record audio using screen recording apps, internal audio plugins and so on. New to Android and don’t know what must be done? In that case, you have come to the right place.

internal audio recording is not allowed by android now

Record system internal audio with Android screen recording app

This method allows you to record Android system audio. In the meanwhile, it enhances the sound effect compared to the poor quality of the traditional external microphone.

Among the flooding audio capture app marketplace, we highly recommend you to use ScreenCam Screen Recorder thanks to its user-friendly policy.

internal audio recording is not allowed by android now

After downloading and installing the app, you can choose one of the three audio recording methods as below:

  1. Mic. Audio. Using the method, audio is recorded from the external microphone.
  2. Internal Audio. Both internal audio and external microphone are involved in the process of internal audio recording on your Android. This method works well on non-rooted devices such as Moto devices, Xiaomi and OnePlus.
  3. Internal Audio. This method is only internal audio. You have to root your Android device and install a Magisk module beforehand.

Record internal audio with Internal Audio Plugin

internal audio recording is not allowed by android now

Remember that this method only works on rooted devices. To get permission on recording external sound on Android, follow the steps:

  1. Install the Internal Audio Plugin app on your Android.
  2. Launch and enable the app.
  3. Reboot your Android device.

Now, the message “external audio recording is not supported on Android now” is no longer a nightmare to you. You can easily record your sound while playing games.

Record internal audio with App Systemizer and Internal Audio Plugin

The  Magisk root access is a prerequisite for the audio capturing in this method. After enabling the root, you can follow the guidance below:

  1. Install the App Systemizer module from Magisk’s module repo, and then reboot your device.
  2. Install the Internal Audio Plugin as in method 2 and Terminal emulator for Android.
  3. Launch the emulator, and grant it root permissions.
  4. Enter the following command lines
  5. Then select Systemize Installed Apps, and type in as com.mobzapp.internalaudioplugin 
  6. Tap on Priv-App and then reboot your phone. At this final stage, you can record your screen with internal audio with the support of some apps like RecMe or ScreenStream.

internal audio recording is not allowed by android now

It may not be the simplest way to record internal audio on your Android device for sure. However, it is probably the best solution. And if you want to create high-resolution screen recordings and professional internal audio recordings at the same time, this is for you.

The Bottom Line

To wrap up, in this tutorial, milagromobilemarketing has just shown you the workarounds to the inconvenience “internal audio recording is not allowed by android now“. We hope with this easy-to-follow instruction, you can capture the sound as you wish.

If you stumble any problems, feel free to throw your words in the comment section below. Our tech team will analyze your issue and come back to you with the optimal resolution. Or you can keep up with the latest post here or head to our webpage for detailed information.

Thanks for your attention.