[SOLVED] How to delete sticky note on Mac

Sticky Note is a unique feature of Apple Users on their products like Macbook or iPhone. However, when it comes to usage, some users find it hard to get along or simply want to change into different note apps and delete Sticky Note on their Macbook Air, Macbook Pro… This article will show you how to delete sticky notes on Mac quickly and conveniently. 

What is Sticky Note on Macbook?

Sticky Note is a service provided in Apple production which is automatically installed when first bought. Sticky Note like your usual note but the difference is that it’s written and stuck on our Macbook main-screen. Anytime you open the monitor, the sticky note will be hanged there to remind you of its function.

The usage is very simple. macOS is not as hard as many thought of. It will take you a few minutes to get used to it since the difference in comparison with Windows. After that, everything is easily accessible. 

How to Open and Make Sticky Note on Macbook?

  1. Tab F4 on your keyboard or click on Launchpad in the Dock section
  2. Search for Sticky Note on your Macbook by scrolling left or right
  3. Click to open Sticky Note and the icon of Note will appear on your screen
  4. Note down anything you want and you can change the modification by using the edit tool on the Menu bar.

    how to delete a sticky note on mac
    How to delete a sticky note on Mac

The Sticky-Note will be hanged on your screen until you decide to remove it. Even when you log out and turn off the computer. You can eradicate it by tab the small rectangle box on the corner of a note, that note will be eliminated.

How to remove Sticky Note From Macbook?

Sticky Note appears to be a unique and helpful tool for users, especially to the officer when dealing with recording too many things. However, to the usual user for entertainment purposes only, the combination of Sticky Notes might appears to disturb their screen and experience. Therefore, they want to uninstall it from their Macbook.

We all knew that the removal of applications on Macbook is similar to the uninstallation of applications on iPhone, iPad. Holding the icon until it shows the X icon, just tap it and the app will successfully be uninstalled from your device. But Sticky Note didn’t appear the X icon, what should we do? Don’t worry, we are going to instruct you now.

You will be asked for a password due to security reasons, make sure that you already knew the password. Also, ensure that it has stopped working when uninstall. 

  1. Open Finder from Dock
  2. Go to the Application folder and search for Sticky Note

    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
  1. Hold and Pull it into the trash can or pressing Command + Delete from the keyboard. This process is quite different from the Windows uninstall process whereas the removal like MacOS will only remove the icon on Windows. But on macOS, the application will be successful removed 
  2. Now, you will need to delete completely all the folders and information related to it. Enter Go in the Menu bar.

    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
  1. Select Go to the folder and type ~/Library.

    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
  1. Search for all the information related to the program’s name or developer then clicks right on all the items picked.

    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
  1. Pick Move to Trash to remove it.

    How to delete a sticky note on Mac
    How to delete a sticky note on Mac

Having completed all the above steps, you had succeeded in uninstalling Sticky Note from Macbook. For further clean, goes to the trash and remove all the components.


I hope our article will resolve your problem or at least, shed a light on some small problems on your Macbook. Please comment down below tell us what you think.