[SOLVED] HBO Max Unsupported Version Samsung TV

Once it comes to entertainment, today’s Samsung televisions offer a lot of options but not many outperform HBO Max. Via HBO Max, people would be able to watch everything from TV series to feature-length films with relative ease which helps optimize viewing experiences. Usually, with Samsung TVs by their side, homeowners could access content that HBO Max provides at any time they like. That being said, HBO Max may be rendered unavailable by a couple of issues and HBO Max unsupported version Samsung TV is a prime example.

HBO Max “Unsupported Version” Error On Samsung TV: A Summary 

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Keep getting the “unsupported version” error on the HBO Max app of your Samsung TV and don’t know why? Then it’s suggested that you check out this article. Down below, you would find all the information about the error from why it occurs to how to fix it.


Generally speaking, the performance of HBO Max could suffer from a number of difficulties in use but regarding the “unsupported version” error, remember the followings


First and foremost, you have to assume that “unsupported version” errors show up on your TV for a valid reason: obsolescence. In case you don’t know, HBO Max receives updates every now and then that refine its features, improve inter-compatibility and so on. If you manage to keep HBO Max up-to-date, the app is going to work smoothly around the clock. On the other hand, if you neglect the updates, HBO Max eventually becomes obsolete which brings a lot of headaches.


Televisions made by Samsung score well in terms of stability but they still run into bugs from time to time. Many bugs prove to be mere inconveniences that go away as time passes by but some cause long-lasting issues to apps including HBO Max.  Because of that, if you ever notice the “unsupported version” error on your brand-new Samsung TV, it’s best to take bugs into account. As long as the bugs remain, your television should have a hard time resuming operation.

Samsung Smart Hub 

Samsung Smart Hub regulate various operations on Samsung TV and the streaming service of  HBO Max is one of them. As a result, issues that involve Samsung Smart Hub could lead to a wide range of oddities with HBO Max. Naturally, most articles that address the topic of HBO Max unsupported version Samsung TV tend to include Samsung Smart Hub in their list of suspects. Unless you get Samsung Smart Hub back to normal, the “unsupported version” error of  HBO Max is going to persist.


When homeowners come across the “unsupported version” error of  HBO Max, they resort to measures with varying degrees of success. Nonetheless, in the case that you like to regain access to connect on HBO Max at once, you need to give these methods a try.

Update HBO Max

Overall, if the “unsupported version” error appears because your version of HBO Max is too old, all you have to do is to update it. There is a chance you would see a “Download” option under the error description which lets you update HBO Max. Select the “Download” option, wait until the process wraps up and you should be able to watch HBO Max again. Of course, you always have the option of updating HBO Max via the Updates tab:

  • Step 1: Select Apps on Homescreen
  • Step 2: Pick the gear icon to open Settings
  • Step 3: Choose the Update tab
  • Step 4: Locate HBO Max
  • Step 5: Update it


To put it plainly, regarding bugs on today’s Samsung televisions, no fix is as effective and efficient as restarting. By restating your TV a couple of times, you could remove various bugs that impair its operation with relative ease.  Besides that, for optimal results, you may want to unplug and replug your TV too (a.k.a “power cycling”). In any case, to protect the hardware integrity, it’s widely advised that you avoid restarting televisions in quick succession.

Uninstall And Reinstall HBO Max

If HBO Max glitches out all of a sudden, it’s a good idea to uninstall and reinstall the app. To do so, turn on your TV, go to Homescreen, select Apps and open Settings. Next, you have to select HBO Max then delete it. With HBO Max uninstalled, go to Search, type in “HBO Max” and install the latest version of the app available. After that, all you have left to do is to see how HBO Max performs.

Reset Samsung Smart Hub

While troubleshooting HBO Max on Samsung TVs, it’s strongly recommended that you reset Samsung Smart Hub at least once. Assuming that Samsung Smart Hub is responsible for HBO Max unsupported version Samsung TV in your case, a reset would get rid of the error.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Pick Support
  • Step 3: Choose Self Diagnosis
  • Step 4: Highlight Reset Smart Hub
  • Step 5: Select it

Contact Customer Service 

So you have tried everything above but the HBO Max app on your TV still experiences the “unsupported version” error?  In that case, you should consider getting in touch with the customer service of HBO Max at the earliest opportunity. By giving the customer service a call, you would be able to determine what is wrong with HBO Max on your TV in mere minutes. When you understand the cause, getting HBO Max back to work is child’s play.


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How many devices could an HBO Max account support simultaneously?

In layman’s terms, with HBO Max, it’s possible to stay signed in on as many devices as you want. Still, it’s worth pointing out that one account only supports streaming on three devices at the same time. That means besides your TV, you may stream HBO Max on two other devices of your choice if you like to. In the case that you want to let your family member use HBO Max as well, feel free to share your account with them.

Is it possible to see all the devices that use my HBO Max account?

Yes, you can: go to your computer, launch the web browser and visit HBOMax.com. Next, sign in using your HBO Max account, select your profile on the upper right corner and choose Manage Devices. At that point, you should see a list of all devices that used your account at least once as well as the last used date.

Between HBO and HBO Max, which one costs more?

Well, HBO and HBO Max share the same subscription rate nowadays so you could get either one of them with the same amount of money. If you want to get the most out of your subscription plan, it’s wise to go for HBO Max.

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