[SOLVED] In-depth Guide on charging your switch

Whether you are using a Nintendo Switch Console or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you need to know how to charge your switch. There are some indications on how to tell if the switch is charging. Technical hitches occur, and they may be frustrating. With technology improvement, more functional Nintendo Switches are being produced. Being portability is one of the most sought after features.

For the fact that the Nintendo Switch is part portable and part console, charging it is an easy task when you compare it to other devices like mobile phones or the home console. For most devices, you may just need to plug directly into a power outlet. However, the Nintendo Switch requires more power than an average phone, though it is built to be portable.

How to tell if switch is charging
How to tell if Switch is charging

Charging the Nintendo Switch

There are various ways of how to charge your switch. In this article, we review two methods.

Charging with the dock

The Nintendo Switch dock is a simple device with USB cables and HDMI components. Nintendo Switch dock isn’t the central unit of the console but a way of allowing you to play on your TV. The switch is compatible with some third-party docks and unofficial chargers majorly because of the intelligent design of its software. Essentially, the software can overclock as well as underclock the processor when you plug into a dock. But it would be best if you were careful to avoid bricking it by accident.

When docking the switch, it is advisable to use the standard dock and charging cable, preferably a cable that came with your device. Plug the switch in the dock and leave it behind your TV to charge for the recommended time. The advantage of using an official charger is that the switch will properly overclock and underclock as it needs to increase the output resolution. Moreover, it ensures Joy-Cons work properly while plugged into your switch.

How to tell if switch is charging
How to tell if Switch is charging

How to figure out whether Switch is charging or not when using the dock: the switch displays a small charging icon on the top sliver of the display. Additionally, the dock will only output video.

Charging on the move

The switch is portable; thus, you are not tethered at one point whenever you need to play a game. What’s impressive is that it comes with an improved battery range of between 4.5 hours and 9 hours.

How to tell if Switch is charging
How to tell if Switch is charging

Keep in mind that the switch uses a lot of power, and so you need the right tools to charge it. Charging on the move requires you to have the correct battery pack and USB-C charger. You can purchase a USB-C battery pack, and trust us; it will correctly do the trick. The best switch battery has a minimum capacity of 4310 mAh; however, when you get a battery beyond 10000 mAh, be sure that your switch will charge ideally.

How to tell if Switch is charging: look at the battery icon on the home screen at the upper right-hand corner.

Important points

  • Use the HAC-002 Nintendo Switch AC adapter  while charging your switch
  • Are you using the switch in TV mode? It takes longer to charge when on TV mode because the battery is consumed faster.
  •  Always ensure that the AC adapter is connected
  • The battery life decreases correctly with repeated charging, so replacing is inevitable in such situations


Understanding how to charge your switch shouldn’t be a problem. But that will need you to understand the various methods of charging. Still, using the right accessories will make it easier to know if your switch is charging.