[SOLVED] Use Blocked Apps on School Wifi Without VPN

When people ask about how to use blocked apps on School Wifi without VPN, it’s highly likely that the Internet filters of their school restrict the use of certain apps. To access the apps, you can download a VPN for mobile phones to help you circumvent the geolocation hurdles. Aside from that, you should consider changing your IP address or using the Tor browser. Take a look at this article to get the most out of your apps. 

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Why are some apps blocked?

Block by geographic location

Due to complex licensing agreements, not all services, music, movies, TV shows, etc. are available in every country. That’s why you can only access half of YouTube when you arrive in Mexico, for instance.

Sites blocked by the Government

You might not think that the Government’s online censorship is a big deal for you. However, there are specific reasons for blocking an app or website, such as violent or sexual content. Some countries take this issue seriously and the violator can be jailed if trying to access these censored things.

Schooling Internet filter

Do you feel unfair having to pay for tuition fee while the school Wifi blocks a bunch of apps? Numerous schools and universities had upgraded their Internet filter to prevent students from accessing prohibited content.

Blocked by your IT admin

Block and filter features at public Wi-Fi

Many free Wi-Fi hotspots for guests in educational and working places do not allow you to open dating/ erotic apps, play videos or other sensitive online content. 

Access to blocked apps on Android

Unblocking a website on the Android platform is not too different from a computer. But it’s different enough for you to not be able to handle the task without the necessary knowledge. And here is how to use blocked apps on school Wifi Android.

Download VPN for mobile phones – The best solution

If you want to unblock all types of websites, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best option. Regardless of any apps, websites, keyword filters, or IP addresses that are blocked due to geographical restrictions or 18+ content, VPN can clear all the deadlocks.

The effective VPN can work on both mobile and desktop devices, so you can use VPN to bypass filter of websites on smartphones, laptops, tablets or any types of electronic devices.

About the coding, the VPN encrypts all your web traffic, so your information will be safe and anonymous when browsing.

If you are using HideMyAss! (HMA!), you do not need to purchase VPN separately for Android. The VPN works on all devices and you can run up to five connections at the same time.

VPNs can be downloaded via this link.

Download VPN for mobile phones

Change your IP address 

This process is quite complicated for Android devices:

  • Step 1: Access the Wi-Fi settings, click on the network you connected and hold until you see the option to modify your settings.
  • Step 2: Check the box next to “Show advanced options” to see your current IP address, make sure that it is set to “Static” and then change it as desired.

Step 2

Use Tor

There are currently some cheap and inefficient apps out there, so make sure the downloaded application is valid before installing. Download the app for Android here.

Apps like Ofox encrypt the connection and help you access blocked websites through the server’s web without providing your real IP address. This solution is similar to VPN, but without any security and privacy features.

Use Tor

Some last words

VPN is easily the smartest and safest way to access blocked apps on Android. After all, VPN will defeat other options to unblock apps from the ring. To offer more answers to the question “how to use blocked apps on school Wifi Android”, milagromobilemarketing has just given you some other solutions that you can try on your own. See which of these methods can help you without causing any catastrophic damage to your installation.

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