SOLVED! - How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

You might be having multiple Gmail accounts you have logged into in the same web browser window. The linking process simply involves logging into the accounts by clicking on the “Add Account” button on your Gmail web page. Logging out of them is even easier. Unlinking these accounts simply involves logging out of each account one after the other. Any account you log out of gets automatically unlinked from the rest. This linkage works in a way that when you log out of one account, the other ones remain logged out too. Let’s see how you would unlink your two Gmail accounts much easier in today’s article.

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How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

Unlinking Your Gmail Address

  1. Open the Gmail app on your Android phone, tablet or computer.

    How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

    How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

  1. Check the top left of your Gmail page and you will see the drop-down short and small three parallel lines and click on them.

    How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

    How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

  1. Once in there scroll down and then click on settings.
  2. Select by tapping on the Gmail account you would like to unlink from your other account.
  3. Get to the “Linked Account” section and tap ‘Unlink Account’.
  4. Click on ‘Unlink’ to seal the deal.

You can always choose to delete or keep the existing copies of the unlinked account’s messages in your Gmail inbox after unlinking the account.

Removing the Unlinked Account History

  • It is possible that after unlinking your account, you would want to delete any traces of it from the browser. You will see a list displaying your unlinked accounts and the other account(s) requesting you to sign back into them. Now you can delete the unlinked account from this list.
  • Click on “Remove an account” then follow that up by clicking on the ‘X’ next to the account you would wish to remove. A pop up with the question “Are you sure you want to remove this account?” will appear. Click on ‘Yes Remove’ to delete the account history completely.         

    How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

    How to Unlink Two Gmail Accounts

  • Once done with these processes you would have successfully unlinked and gotten rid of any trace of your Gmail account from the web browser.

Please keep mind that

  • Depending on the device you are using, it might sometimes be difficult to unlink your account. For example, when using some android devices of version 4.1 and below. These tend to give you a slow speed internet connection and you would consider going to a cyber cafe to get access to a computer.
  • Unlinking your mail only makes it non-existent on the device you unlinked it from and that doesn’t invalidate the Gmail account.

Wrap Up

Unlinking your Gmail account helps you retrieve any personal information from a device that you are no longer going to use or access. It is one of Google’s security measures that help protect its users from information leaks and unauthorized account access. Always make sure you unlink your account especially when logging into the account using a public device like cyber café computers.

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