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Just found out your phone indicates it is in headphone mode even though nothing is jacked in? Happened to all of us and here is how to turn off headphone mode Android.

You can watch this step by step video:

Headphone mode without any headphones

The first time that happened to me, my heart sank to the bottom of the ocean as speaker of the newly purchased Android phone looked like it was broken (since there was no audio). 

Headphone mode without any headphones

It was later noticed that the volume icon indicated it was in headphone mode and from then on it was sort of easy to figure out what happened. Smartphones are surprisingly “not very smart”  when it comes to petty things like this. A bit of dirt here, some mishandling there and they completely lose all sense i.e. identifying if that is a headphone jacked in or not. 

Milagromobilemarketing is here with an article on how to turn off headphone mode on Android to save your day. 

Ways to turn off headphone mode

Dirt equals headphone

The first and most common reason why your Android devices are stuck in headphone mode is a port clogged up by dirt. It probably accumulates as you jack in the headphone and when you unplug it, the jack comes out but the dirt remains behind. As a result, your device thinks the headphones are still connected and never bothers to turn it off. 

Dirt equals headphone

To remove the dirt, get a cotton swab and remove most of the cotton on one end. Use that end to stab the headphones port and wiggle around inside. Then once in a while, give it a bit of a bang to shake off the dirt and let them fall out of the port. Repeat for several times until the volume turns on again. 

By the way, remember to leave the volume for the audio from a video, game, music or whatever so that when the sounds do come back, you will know. 

Paper clip

If the above solution with cotton swab does not work, you might need something sharper or harder like a paper clip.

Paper clip

Bend one end of the clip out and poke the inside of the port just like what you do with the cotton swab. However, it has to be triple emphasized that you must be gentle with the poking. The paper clip is much harder than the plastic cotton swab; therefore could damage the port if you poke it too hard. 

Remember to be gentle! 

Software errors 

If the poking does not work and assuming you haven’t damaged the speaker nor the port, there is a high chance that something goes wrong with the software. 


The most classic and generic thing anybody can tell you to do when your piece of technology does not work is to restart. Restarting the damn thing might help, but even if it doesn’t, it wouldn’t hurt to try. 

System recovery/Data wipe/Factory reset

If none of the solution works until now, then this is the final solution you could attempt. Back-up all your files to the computer or the cloud or whatever because you are going to lose them all.

This solution has been regularly mentioned in some of our other articles too, but seriously they do tend to solve most issues. 

If it really is something wrong with the software then there is nothing a good old-fashioned complete reboot wouldn’t help.

System recovery

To spare you the effort of having to search through our other articles on how to do so again, it will be briefly mentioned here. Turn off the device like you normally would then turn it back on. Then press and hold the volume up button with the home button until a system recovery menu pops up. After that, choose whichever option you have (i.e. wipe data, recovery to a previous version, etc).

Quick note though, some Android devices might require you to hold both volume up and down button with the home button. The general idea is to turn off and on, then experiment around with the three buttons and the menu will show up. 

Bottom line

If all of the above solutions do not work, you might need a replacement because I think you broke the hardware. By the way, after you got device fixed if you need to download all the necessary apps again, check out our site at for the newest and interesting apps. Change things a bit and try out other video streaming apps, games, or photo editing apps (or whatever it is you are into) to celebrate the rebirth of your device. Thank you for reading our article on how to turn off headphone on Android.


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