[SOLVED] How to Turn off Google Now Weather Notifications Android – The Best Ways

While weather notifications prove handy at times, they could get annoying which is why many people want to learn how to turn off Google Now weather notifications Android. In most of the cases, Android users put an end to the notifications by changing Google application settings. Tap the three vertical dots to access the menu and disable the weather card. Alternatively, toggle off the weather option in the Now cards settings on all devices without a weather card. Read to the end if you like to get rid of the weather notifications for good.

turn off google now weather notifications android

How to turn off Google weather notification 

Depending on the  Android version of your device, the next part would have two different versions. Read on to know how to disable weather alerts or notifications on Android mobile phones.

Weather card 

For the latest Android devices, especially Samsung smartphones, as soon as you click on the Google app, Weather card should be up and running. If that’s the case, then you should know what to do. 

The usual drills, three vertically lined up dots, access the menu, turn off weather, etc. Samsung users should be pretty familiar with this already. 

No weather card 

For devices which do not have a weather card standby, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world for you. 

turn off google now weather notifications android

Tap on the Google app, Settings, then you should see Now cards setting. Click on it, you will see a bunch of options including weather. Turn that off too and voila, you are done. 


As mentioned, different Android devices might have the weather card ready inside Google app. However, for some older versions of Android devices, the Google app probably doesn’t even have the Google now weather notification function. 

Hence, you are getting weather alerts, but can’t seem to find the Google Now card setting, chances are, you are the alerts from other apps or other features of the phone, rather than Google. 

Weather theme

turn off google now weather notifications android

Speaking of weather, let us slightly get off-topic for a few seconds. Have you ever felt that the classic weather-themed background of your Android devices is a bit dull? 

Check out our official site, and you will find tons of innovative and cool looking weather themed app with additional features. 

Other weather cards

Also, if the reason for your decision to get rid of the weather notification is dissatisfaction with the Google Now weather card (rather than being annoyed by the constant alerts), our site also has plenty of weather card apps with additional and customizable settings that would fulfill your needs. 

After all, you never know when the weather gets unstable, so perhaps you might want an app that would alert you about a significant change in the weather where you live. Just for precaution.

Wrapping things up 

To be honest, we do agree that the constant weather alerts telling you the same thing might be annoying, but there is always an occasion when you suddenly need them. 

So as mentioned, instead of completely wiping it off (or turn off) the face of the Earth, maybe you should switch to another third-party app with more settings.

Anyway, the decision is entirely up to you, so hopefully, we have been able to shed some light on how to get rid of  weather notifications on Android. Don’t forget to check out our site for all those good stuff or you can read Android-related posts right here.

Thanks for reading!