How to turn off emergency call on Android

The emergency call might seem to be convenient, but it is not always helpful. A typical scenario where it may backfire at you would be people using your phone to call the emergency as a prank.

Though that’s one of the slightly paranoid types of reason to switch off, you will have your circumstances. 

Please allow Milagromobilemarketing to show you how to turn off emergency call on Android by getting around the system. 

emergency call on android

For rooted Android devices

If you have a rooted Android phone and haven’t installed Xposed Modules yet, please head to our site and do so. By the way, for any classic Android OS, Xposed Modules is the app you should go for. However, for other Android OS such as TouchWiz or Sense, it is better to use Wanna Xposed

wanam xposed app

Regardless of which framework you are using, their layouts are actually quite similar and intuitive. However, for your convenience and to save your time, below is how to use the apps generally:

Step 1

After you have installed the apps, open it and look for Lock screen setting. 

Step 2

Scroll down the Lock screen setting and look for an option Disable emergency calls. 

Step 3

Tap on it and reboot the phone and the emergency call button will be gone. 

Note: If you couldn’t find the lock screen setting or the option to disable emergency calls, look for things like additional settings or advanced settings. While you are at it, play around with the apps to explore them. They have more to offer rather than just disabling the emergency call buttons.  

For unrooted Android users 

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the emergency call button. However, what you can do is replace the classic lock screen with another that doesn’t have the emergency call button. Milagromobilemarketing recommends Hi Locker as your lock screen replacement. Instruction is as follows.

Step 1

Download the app from our site and install it. 

Hi Locker app

Step 2 

Tap on the app after the installation is done and go to Setting. 

Step 3 

Locate the Lock screen in the Setting and tap on it. 

Step 4

There will be an option within that allows you to disable emergency from your lock screen. 

Step 5 

Tap on it and select “none”. Afterward, the app will ask if you are sure or something like that. Press and yes and you are done.  

Other similar apps 

Hi Locker is a very decent app and is used by many people. However, if there is any reason you dislike the app, below is a list for alternative Lock screen app that does not have the emergency buttons. 

  • AcDisplay
  • Cmlocker 
  • NiLS
  • SlideLock
  • LokLok 

The above recommendation all has its own shortfalls here and there, but they are decent overall. Most importantly, they all allow you to disable the Emergency buttons. So, have a look, try them out and see for yourself. 

Wrapping up 

There you go folks, that’s how to turn off emergency call on Android. It is simple and easy, isn’t it? Please let us know which method or which lock screen apps you ended up using from the comment section. That would really help us as well as other users out. 

Milagromobilemarketing is constantly uploading more articles on all Android-related issues, so stay tuned, and we will see you in the next article.


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