[SOLVED] Transfer Candy Crush To New Phone Android

Among discussions about moving games between phones, how to transfer Candy Crush to new phone Android is a popular topic. One way is to back up Candy Crush data, link the game to Facebook account and move the data into the new device to continue playing. Besides that, it’s possible to use Helium Android app to move Candy Crush data from the old device into the new one. Continue reading to master the transfer of Candy Crush from and to Android devices.


Method 1: Transfer Candy Crush to new phone android with Facebook and Kingdom

In this way, you can have your current game progress officially transferred from this phone to another. To do this, you need to have played your Candy Crush game on Facebook or had a King.com account. 

Whether you are using Android devices or even iOS devices such as iPhone and Ipad, you can also use this method. It is very convenient as you neither have to install any additional software nor utilize PC, Mac, USB, USB cable.

What you will need to do is:

Step 1: Backup your old data

Log in to Candy Crush app on your old device.

Backup its data and connect the app to your Facebook or Kingdom.com account. Thereby, you can save data of the game on your device on its Internet server.

Step 2: Download the data to your new phone

Access Google Play on your new android phone and download Candy Crush to launch it.

Here, log in the game with your Facebook or king.com account to download the old game data to your new phone by cloud computing.


Now, except for the bonus items separated from the game server, all of your Candy Crush progress in the new phone will be the same as the old phone. 

Method 2: Transfer Candy Crush to new phone android using a third-party app

Just in case the first method doesn’t work, here is your plan B. There are many third-party apps that can help you to transfer data among devices. However, in this article, Milagromobilemarketing will guide you on how to use Helium, which is specific for Android users.

Step 1: Install the app

Access to the following link to install Helium android mobile app on both of your old and new Android phones

Next, install the Helium desktop app on your laptop or PC

Step 2: Backup data on your old phone

  1. Turn on the Helium app on your old phone.
  2. Use a USB cable to connect your old phone with your computer.
  3. Turn on the Helium app on your laptop or PC. The two Helium apps will connect automatically. Then you can see a pop-up on the computer screen displaying that the app is active on your Android device.
  4. Unplug the USB cable between your phone and the computer.
  5. Access the Helium mobile app on your phone and choose the “PC Download” option. This action will bring you to the server of Helium.
  6. Turn on a browser on your laptop or PC then get access to the same URL.
  7. From your Android device, untick the “Backup App Data” box.
  8. Tap on Candy Crush and the “Start Backup” option respectively.
  9. Now you have successfully created a compressed file of Candy Crush on your laptop/PC.

Step 3: Transfer Candy Crush to new phone android

Apply everything you have done in step 2 on your new Android phone.

Tap the “Restore” button on this phone and go to the compressed file of Candy Crush.


Transfer Candy Crush to new phone android

Final Words

Finally, Milagromobilemarketing has shown you how to transfer Candy Crush to new phone android. Just stick to our tutorial and you will be spared a repetition of years of clearing stages (Hey don’t judge, Candy Crush is hard!). Milagromobilemarketing hopes that you will manage to continuously enjoy your current game progress on your new phones.

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