How to take a screenshot on a ZTE Android phone

To be franked, we were taken by quite a surprise when we received an email asking how to take a screenshot on a ZTE Android phone.

Not saying ZTE devices are bad or anything, it is just not as commonly used around here, and the readers who sent the email are either living in Australia, New Zealand and some other places where you wouldn’t see many ZTE phone users around.

Regardless, thank you for your emails folks and here is an article from Milagromobilemarketing to answer your question.

Screenshot on a ZTE phone

The usual combo

ZTE phone

Most Android-based mobile devices have the same way of taking a screenshot. If you aren’t aware of it yet, it is simultaneously pressing the power button and volume up.

However, the recent new models have decided to derive from that pattern and introduced new ways to take a screenshot (such as three fingers swiping and so on).

That is perhaps the reason you couldn’t figure out how to screenshot with your specific ZTE device? Regardless, if you find it troublesome and are looking for an alternative way to screenshot, below is how.

Mobile application

Using a mobile application to assist you in taking a screenshot can be more convenient than you think. They generally have more features, functionalities, and convenience compared to the conventional built-in screenshot of your device. 

If you find any of the apps below to your linking, you can download them from our site


Screenshot app

This is an app developed by Greek Lab to take a screenshot for Android devices. We know, such an “innovative” name isn’t it? 

However, the app itself is actually very decent. You can adjust the quality of the screenshot, add comments, edit size, crop, add more effects such as mosaic, filter many more. All can be done easily at the touch of your fingers.

Touchshot (screenshot)

Now that’s what we call naming (no offense Greek Lab devs). Touchshot is developed by Lyouson and already has over 1 million downloads. 

Touchshot app

Even if your ZTE already has a built-in screenshot (especially which you have to press the buttons to trigger), we would still recommend using Touchshot. 

The first reason, mobile devices’ buttons are very susceptible to press damage. The more you press it, the faster it loses sensitivity. That’s why we think it is brilliant that Touchshot displays an overlay on the screen for you to press and screenshot with ease. Avoid using those buttons as much as possible folks.

The second reason, the app allows you to conveniently edit the screen before screenshotting, which is also quite considerate. That saves you the trouble of having to take a screenshot first, open it in another app, then edit (while also damaging the buttons).

The third reason why we love Touchshot, you can set where the screenshot is to be stored. For folks who wouldn’t give much attention to where the photos are as long as they are there, feel free to skip. 

However, for readers who have OCD, you will know exactly how it feels like when images are not categorized and placed in their designated folders. Touchshot allows you to set the directory for where your screenshot should be stored. OCD is now cured. 

Bottom line 

We believe that there should be more than enough information on how to take a screenshot on a ZTE Android phone

Regardless of whether your ZTE device has a built-in screenshot function or not, Milagromobilemarketing still recommends using a mobile application for the screenshot on a ZTE device though. 

Thank you for reading the article and don’t forget to check out our other articles on related topics.


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