SOLVED! - How To Stop The Spam Traffic By Bad Bots With Google Analytics

With the advancement in technology, we are presented with new and updated ways to do things and lead our life. By integrating the power of technology, everything is ten times easier than it was decades ago. The same is the case with managing and analyzing websites. Today, the advanced tools and software make it super easy for us to manage the complicated aspects of running a website, such as detecting and stopping bots.

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Spam traffic is certainly among the serious issues that website owners face from time to time. It is a type of cybercrime committed by fraudsters and which has become a way to spread malware and phish the users in today’s time. If we look at the statistics then spam messages account for 58.71% of the email traffic as of 2020 which is an alarming topic.

What is a bad bot?

Bots are of different types, based on their purpose, some are harmless and useful, like the ones used by search engines. These bots help in improving the user experience based on the search requests.

However, bad bots are built just the opposite way. They benefit another site by stealing information from your website and then repost it under a different identity. They disturb the website infrastructure and site metrics by inflating the search results and unnecessary website traffic.

These bad bots can also harm your website by performing malicious actions on your website. This can lead to damaging the networks and also flood your site with a higher amount of data.

How to block spam traffic in Google Analytics

  1. Block Bots and Spiders That You Detect

Manually removing these bots could be tiresome but you can deal with this problem effectively. Google Analytics has an option where you can just one button and take care of it all. This option lets you save time and energy by blocking all the known bots.

  1. Block Traffic Coming From Specific Countries

If you are certain about receiving spam traffic from different countries then it is recommended to block it. However, before you do that, you should make sure that the traffic indeed is spam.

To block this spam traffic, you should clock on the admin tab and create a new view. Then click on Filters>New Filter Button. After this, you will find the filter that will block the countries.

  1. Filter Traffic Analysis

Filtering analytics and monitoring the data of your website will help you remain clear on the type of information or data getting removed from your website. You can do so by creating a separate view in google analytics. All you need to do is, go to the admin section of your google analytics and find the “All website data”. Now clock on the + and then create new. Select the appropriate time zone and you are done.

  1. Setup A Bad Bot Referrer Filter

After creating the view in Google Analytics, you can create a new bad referrers filter on the screen. You can do so by navigating to ‘Admin’>View>Filter>Add Filter and then name it. After doing this, go to the custom option and click on Exclude. Then click on Campaign Source in the Filter Field section where you will be able to put the domains to keep them away from your website.

  1. Add Personal Spam Referrals

Google Analytics is actually quite well at blocking the bots based on the data that comes from your website. But even after filtering the traffic analysis, some of the referrals could be overlooked by the system. To ensure you catch them all, you need to open the referral report and then take bounce rate as a scale to descend the data, meaning, those with the highest amount of bounce rate would be at the type. You can also use advanced filters to see the website sessions that go beyond the threshold.


The Bottom Line

Spam is unsolicited traffic to the website that arrives either by someone’s actions or by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). It can cause your search engine rankings to drop, reduce your revenue, and tarnish your reputation among your intended users. It is very important to stop this from happening as soon as possible. Consult experts at Edkent Media Company to apply above discussed techniques to minimize the amount of spam you are receiving, and stop the spammers.

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