[SOLVED] Volume Automatically Goes Down Android

Usually, if volume automatically goes down Android, incompatibility is the number one suspect and you could solve the issue using the Automate app on the Play Store. Simply put, Automate is an app designed for audio configuration on Android phones. To understand how to use Automate to bring volume back to normal, continue reading. 

Why your phone volume is automatically going down?

There are three main reasons that the sound volume automatically lowers itself:
The first one that most people may be not aware of is headphone compatibility. This means some headphones are going to work better for some certain phones, so you need to know which of headphones is most compatible with your phone, otherwise, your phone’s quality can be affected. Moreover, sound lowering on Android phones is also commonly caused by low-quality headphones that you bought from untrusted sources. If this problem is happening to you, simply try a different pair of headphones. Also, look for headphones that specify Android compatibility on the package.
Another reason for “volume turns down by itself” issue is that some Android phones aim to add a feature to protect your ears against too loud of a volume. You can now if your phone has the automatic volume limitation if there is a warning pop-up warning you about potential risks while you’re turning up the volume. Even if you bypass the warning, the pop-up automatically appears every 24 hours. How annoying it is, right? but think further, this may be “safe” for you.

Last but not least, make sure that the volume button on your device isn’t impinged by something such as poorly designed cases, hard objects to avoid the problem of “volume turns itself down”. 

How to fix volume automatically goes down android by Automate 

Using Automate to solve “Android Automatically Lowers Volume‘ issue is not a bad idea.

Step1: For this, you need to download and install the app from the Google Play Store. With this app, you can change settings when there are certain actions on your device.

Step 2: After you get Automate installed in your device, you tap the ‘+’ button at the top of the screen to create a new Flow.

Android automatically lower volum

Step3: Once a new Flow has been created, you can make changes to this page by tapping the menu button in the top left. Automate allows you to do many things, but if you’d only like to use the app to stop sound automatically lowering when you plug headphones in, simply follow the given steps below.

Firstly, tap the menu button in the top left corner. Then, head to Camera & Sound option. A new list of options will be displayed for you to choose from.


Android Automatically Lowers Volume


Step 4:You tap ‘Audio Volume?’ then a new block will appear on your empty page. Next, tap the empty block and a new settings menu will open.

You need to change in the settings menu.

Android Automatically Lowers Volume2

  1. Below the ‘proceed’ option, select ‘when changed.’
  2. Below ‘minimum volume‘, choose 0%
  3. Below ‘maximum volume‘, choose 70%
  4. Under Audio Stream, if you want call volume to not be lowered, choose ‘ring’, if want music volume to not drop, choose music.
  5. Save the settings

In the settings menu, choose a new block. Tap the Menu Button in the top left again, then choose ‘Audio volume set under Camera & Sound.

Android Automatically Lowers Volume3

Step 5: Once ‘Audio volume set‘ block appears on your empty page, tap the ‘Audio volume set‘ block and follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, change the volume percent as you are satisfied. For instance, if you usually listen to your music at 80% volume, choose 80%.
  2. After that, choose your audio stream as you choose in the first block. 
  3. Then, tap ‘done’ in the top right corner.

Android Automatically Lowers Volume4


Step 6: Now, you’ll need to connect these two blocks you’ve created together.

  1. Hold the ‘YES’ from the ‘when audio volume’ block and drag it into the ‘IN’ circle.
  2. Hold the ‘NO’ from the ‘when audio volume’ block and drag it into the ‘IN’ circle.
  3. Hold the ‘OK’ on the ‘flow beginning’ block and connect it to the ‘in’ circle on the ‘when audio volume

Android Automatically Lowers Volume5

Step 7: After that, you tap on the tick button in the top right corner then start the process. Prior to tapping start, tap the ‘install permission’ button to allow the audio volume adjustment.

Android Automatically Lowers Volume6

Please note that as you tap that button, you have to download another app setting permissions. Once installed, you’re able to press back and you now can run the process. Simply tap the start button if you are ready to begin the process.

Though this way does not completely solve your “Android Automatically Lowers Volume”, it gives you a chance to pre-emptively stop the sound from lowering every time you insert your headphones into your device. Hopefully, this article may help you clear up your frustration when facing the problem of “volume drops suddenly”.