How to solve screen turns off when watching video Android

Android devices are no longer something foreign to most mobile technology users these days. The extent of freedom it offers does not only come with benefits, though. There are also a variety of issues which users might have to deal with, and screen turns off when watching video Android is among them.

screen turns off when watching video on android

Milagromobilemarketing would like to present some possible solutions to the mentioned issue. 

How to stop your screen from turning off

Screen timeout

The first and foremost thing you should check is the timeout setting on your device. In case you didn’t know, you can set your device to automatically turn off the screen after a designated duration of inactivity.

You might be wondering why does it count as inactivity if you are watching a video? There are two possibilities we can think of. It’s either you are watching videos in a really badly coded website or app, or your device has encountered some sort of bugs. 

Anyhow, by setting the timeout timer to never, your issues would most likely be solved in a jiffy. To access the timeout setting, drag down the notification bar from the top of your screen and top on the cog icon for quick access. Or you can access the Settings like how you usually do. It doesn’t really matter. 

Then scroll down to display, tap on it and locate the Screen timeout option. Now from here, depending on your device, the maximum duration to timeout could be 10 minutes or never. 

screen turns off when watching video on android

Don’t worry if you would like to set it to never but the option isn’t available on your phone, we will get to it at the end of the article. 

Smart screen 

Depending on the carrier and also the model of your phone, you might have had Smart screen setting turned on. 

Smart screen is a feature that allows you to turn off the screen with a simple wave of your hand. The shortfall is that an extremely sensitive sensor might misinterpret something else as your hand waving motion. Thus it mistakes it as your command to turn off the screen. 

To disable smart screen, head to display option like above. Locate the smart screen option and swipe it off. 

Stay awake option 

If you noticed that the screen turns off when you are charging the device, then it is the doing of the stay awake option being turned off. 

To turn it on, go to Settings, tap on about phone or System, and locate Developer options button which is usually at the bottom. Tap on it and some hidden options will be displayed in the Settings menu. Go back there and turn on the stay awake option and your screen won’t turn off when it is being charged.

Stay Alive! Keep Screen awake 

What the app does is pretty much explanatory in the name already. However, it is still worth mentioning that the app itself is free and lightweight. 

Stay Alive- Keep Screen Awake app

There are all sorts of customization, including setting the timeout setting to never turn off the screen. Plus, there is also a feature that can remind you or turn off the screen when the battery is at a certain % to turn the screen off. It comes in handy sometimes. 

The app can be downloaded right here at our site

Wrapping out 

Hopefully, the above information has been to help with screen turns off when watching video Android. If you still have any more issues, check out our site at for more articles on how to solve a variety of Android issues. 

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