[SOLVED] Android Auto Searching For GPS / Not Working

If you notice Android Auto Searching For GPS not working out of the blue, it’s highly likely that you have a reception issue and you must take measures to improve signal strength. Despite its simplicity, opening windows work wonders at times. Besides that, you may want to power-saving mode so the phone could allocate enough power to secure a stable signal. Finally, if there is no change in the situation, you should reset Google Maps to its factory settings.

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Solution 1: Opening windows of your cars

Try opening your car windows while driving if your phone keeps searching for GPS without an actual result. The reason may be that your phone is “weak” in catching the GPS signal. 

As this solution doesn’t take much time and it costs you nothing, please prioritize it before you do anything else.

 Opening windows of your cars

Solution 2: For Google map users: uninstalling updates from Google maps

If solution 1 doesn’t work, let’s see if solution 2 would be of help. Milagromobilemarketing suggests this solution because a few users give it a try and then their Google Maps works fine.

What to do? Just follow some steps below:

  1. Find and tap to open Google Play
  2. In the searching space, type in “Google Maps” and search
  3. Among a list of applications displayed, choose the app that you are using. Tap on it to go further.
  4. Click on UNINSTALL tab. The result will be all updates of the app will be uninstalled while the app still activates.
  5. Check if your Google Maps navigate better.

Check if your Google Maps navigate

Solution 3: Setting your battery in its right mode

Many users have figured out that they cannot get GPS signal by Android Auto because they had put their phone in “power-saving.” The truth is, those optimization modes have turned off some functions of the phone to consume less energy. So, the GPS function is usually in the need-to-be shut off.

Now, after having known the causes, all you need to do is get back to the modes that allow the function of signaling GPS. Steps required to disable the saving mode successfully may be different among phone models. However, it all starts with the “Battery” section after you open the “Setting” tab.


Good news is that you can both keep saving power for your phone and navigate with GPS. Set your Android Auto and navigation apps to be exceptions when you do your set up. 

For example, below are the steps that a user has carried out:

Set up >> Battery & performance >> Manage apps battery usage >> Choose “Android Auto” >> Set up “No restriction”


Get back to the “Manage apps battery usage,” choose “Maze” application, and set up “No restriction.”


Milagromobilemarketing has introduced some of the most useful tips to keep “Android Auto Searching For GPS” problem away.

If the problem persists, don’t forget to report it to your service provider’ developers, maybe via the “Help” tab arranged somewhere in the app. Doing so may not help you immediately, but it is beneficial in the long run.

Then, as usual, you should have your problem fixed by the manufacturer (via their service points) or by your trusted experts.

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