[SOLVED] How to Solve Android Auto Error 12?

If you are reading this article, you may have trouble or concern about Android Auto connection error 12 which appears with a red background and says that “Communication error 12: Something’s wrong. When it’s safe, unplug and plug in your phone“. In today’s post, we will give you some notes as well as step by step guide to fix Android Auto Error 12.

How to Solve Android Auto Error 12

Firstly, we would like to give basic information about Android Auto so that all of you will know more about it.

About Android Auto

What is Android Auto? Well, just like Apple has its own app that mirrors some of iPhone’s functions onto your car’s infotainment screen called Apple Car Play, Android also did the same and named it as Android Auto. The main function of Android Auto is that it will encourage motorists to do multitasks like replying messages while driving safely.

Android Auto is supported by Google Map, which gives you a very detailed direction and automatically finds an alternative route if it detects heavy traffic jams. Moreover, Android Auto can access millions songs and podcasts, surf the web or stay in touch with friends by phone calls or messages.

Google assistant

Android Auto also integrates with Google  Assistant, which is Google’s voice helping you find locations online, control your phone, send messages, etc. Please keep in mind that when Android Auto is active, your smartphone’s screen will be locked. Besides some popular apps like Spotify, Skype, Whatsapp, iHeart Radio, Waze, Pandora are associated with this app either.

Android Auto is compatible with many Android phones with various versions and a wide range of cars. Yet many users have complained that there is an issue with the connection, or Error 12. After taking the problem into consideration, we find that the problem can be blamed on the cable. When you are stuck in Android Auto Error 12, the only thing you can do is to replace your USB cable. So, in the next part, we will give some tips for choosing a compatible USB cable.

Choosing a suitable USB cable to fix Android Auto Error 12

USB cable of Android Auto

Why the culprit of Android Auto Erro 12 is USB cable?

The cable is not as tough as it may seem. In fact, if the cable was working well yesterday, it is possible that it won’t work today. As the USB cable has 4 hair-thin wore running inside, so one of them gets a small crack is easily possible.  If we look at USB-C it’s even thinner cable, and we have 24 wires running so the chance of 1 wire developing a fault is way higher. Besides this, each device, even the same phone/model have a slightly different tolerance to the wire and wire faults. A change of resistance in a cable with 1 or 2 ohms may not affect one device but make the other one fully un-functional.

How to choose a suitable USB cable 

You should know that not all USB cables will work with all cars, that’s why you have to choose a suitable one for your own type of car. Here are some tips to find the best USB cable to use with Android Auto:

  • Choose a cable that is no longer than 6ft and avoid using cable extensions.
  • Make sure your cable has the USB icon like this

Recommendations for USB cable for your cars

USB cable

Android Auto team also give us a list of recommendations for USB cable, as follows:

For Micro USB:

    • AmazonBasics Micro USB Cable (6ft, 1.8m)

    • Anker Micro USB Cable (6ft, 1.8m)

    • Cablex Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable (6ft, 1.8m)

    • iOrange-E Micro USB Cable (6.6ft, 2m)

    • iSeeker Micro USB Cable (6ft, 1.8m)

    • Monoprice Micro USB Cable (3ft, 1m)

For type C:

    • Anker USB Type C to USB 3.0 Cable (3.3ft, 1m)

    • Cable Matters USB Type C to Type A Cable (6.6ft, 2m)

    • CHOETECH USB Type C Cable USB Type C to USB Type A (3.3ft, 1m)

    • FRiEQ USB 3.1 Type C Cable (3.3ft, 1m)

    • Inateck USB C Cable (3.3ft, 1m)

    • iOrange-E USB C Cable (6.6ft, 2m)

    • LTNLab USB Type C to USB 2.0 Cable (3.3ft, 1m)

If you have Pixel phones, Pixel accessory USB-C to USB-A cable would be the best choice.


In short, milagromobilemarketing has shown you the feasible solutions to Android Auto Error 12, hope it could work for you. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know by leaving comments. Thanks for reading!

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