[SOLVED] How to Setup Lollipop Keyboards for Android?

Bored with the old normal keyboard? Want to bring something new to your smartphone? Here we are to introduce Lollipop keyboards for Android, which is considered as the most useful and charming keyboard and guide you to set up this app for your Android phone.

install lollipop keyboard

About Lollipop Keyboards for Android 

What is Lollipop Keyboards for Android?

Lollipop keyboard is a lollipop font style keyboard that applies on your phone and can be used for any kind of message. Developed by Abbott Cullen years ago, up to now, the app has been installed by over 100 thousand Android users and received hundreds of positive reviews. What has made the success of Lollipop keyboard? Let’s find out in its features.

Highlighted features of Lollipop keyboard for Android 

lollipop keyboard

Just like other keyboards, Lollipop also retains some important features:

  • Set the emoji character for lollipop keyboard with type of the character
  • Elegant typefaces that satisfy Android users
  • Available to change the background of the keyboard at any time
  • Choose the languages you want to apply
  • Setup colorful keypad with Lollipop keyboard.

One more point makes we love this app is its small size! It only occupies 7.2 MB! Too small for a wonderful app, right?

How to Setup Lollipop Keyboards for Android?

Now you may wonder how to set up Lollipop keyboard after the downloading process completed. Here are four easy steps you may follow:

1. Download the Lollipop keyboard

You can obviously find and choose to download it on Google Play. For non-Android users, just look up the APK file of this app in Milagromobilemarketing.com.

2. Enable the Keyboard

After opening it for the first time, you’ll go through the same steps as you would with the stock Google keyboard: first enable it in Settings then make it as your default keyboard and choose your possible languages.

Or you can go to Settings -> Controls -> Language and input to set up.

Enable the keyboard
Enable the Keyboard

3. Change the theme

In the Language and input settings page, you should tap on the gear icon next to Lollipop Keyboard, then direct to Appearance & layouts, finally select Material light from the different theme available, which will give the keyboard a material design look.

Change the Theme
Change the Theme to Material Design look

4. Enjoy it!

With these steps above, you have downloaded and installed successfully the Lollipop keyboard for Android. Now just enjoy these wonderful functions like auto-correction, word prediction, you can add your frequent words in the dictionary of the app.

Similar app to Lollipop keyboards for Android

Kunji Lollipop Keyboard+themes maybe the best alternative one for Lollipop keyboards Android. It is also a free keyboard app which has a full PC keyboard layout. Kunji lollipop keyboard is packed full of customization features including over 6 colorful themes, layouts for all screen sizes and devices. Kunji supports a quite huge number of languages, so definitely you will find your preferred languages here.

similar app to Lollipop keyboard for Android

Let’s go through some of its features!

  • Full PC keyboard
  • Auto-correction: Intelligent auto-correction so that you can type much faster.
  • Beautiful themes: Kunji lets you customize the look of your keyboard with totally free themes.
  • Multi-lingual typing: choose from over 31 languages

The wrapping up

In conclusion, Lollipop keyboard for Android is a keyboard that is worth trying. As an Android user, you should download it right away and follow closely our instruction to set it up successfully. We hope that the information we provide is helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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