[SOLVED] Restore MMS Messages Disappear Android

MMS messages disappear android situation

Generally speaking, MMS messages disappear Android is by all accounts an annoying issue but you could fix it by turning off delete mode in Messages settings. Go to Storage setting of your Messages application, check out“Message Limit” and “Multimedia Message Limit” then apply changes if necessary. Moreover, it’s a good idea to update the Android operating system and Messages application to their latest versions. Continue reading to stop your MMS message from vanishing out of the blue.

What is MMS? 

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, which means MMS is basically a text message (SMS) plus an image, a video or audio. If previously, you could send a text message contains only 160 characters then now you easily deliver a variety of media via MMS.

However, with the rapid development of instant message platforms like Whatsapp and Messenger. MMS technology is becoming less and less popular. Nowadays, MMS only being used in some cases. For example, you visited some spectacular wild places and took many awesome pictures.

You want to share them with your parents at home. But there is no WIFI in wild places, right? Clearly, MMS is the best choice in that situation. Type a simple message, attach one picture and send it, you can make your parents day.

MMS messages disappear android situation

Why MMS messages disappear Android?

Sometimes, you encounter the missing MMS on Android devices. Here are some common reasons:

  • Your Android OS is not up to date.
  • Messages Application is not up to date
  • You turn on automatic delete message mode on Android.

Well, for the first two reasons you just need to plug-in your Android phone and click on Automatic update mode. The system will take care of the rest. After the updating process is done, turn off and turn on your phone to make sure everything works fine.

Unfortunately, the final reason is the most common one that causes MMS messages to disappear Android. Most of the users didn’t know that, for saving storage purposes, manufacturers usually automatically turn “delete mode” ON.

As you know, the more you use the new OS version, the more memory you have to use. If your Android phone doesn’t have enough room left, the old message will be deleted to free up memory. As a consequence, MMS disappeared is quite easy to understand, doesn’t it?

How to restore MMS messages disappear Android?

Well, maybe you don’t want to save all of the messages on Android forever, but for a long time or control the way they disappear could be the best.

MMS messages disappear android situation

Firstly, you should clear all the cache and apps data before thinking about turn OFF delete mode.

Step 1: Open Setting control panel by click on the Setting button.

Step 2: Looking for Apps (System Apps or Installed Apps). Click on it!

Step 3: Choosing Message Apps (or any App takes a huge amount of memory).

Step 4: Find the Clear Data button. Click on it.

Done! Now do some checking on Message Apps to find out the deleted messages are recovered.

After clearing all the cache, you should do the following guideline.

  1. Open Messages app. That contains MMS.
  2. See on the top right you will find a three-dot icon. Click on it!
  3. Next, select Setting. Tap on General and find Storage.
  4. On the Storage screen, make sure the “Message Limit” and “Multimedia Message Limit” are blank.

Sadly, after completing all of the above instructions, we are just finished half of the way. If you set the limitation, the MMS messages disappear android will never come back. In this case, finding a recover deleted messages application is the best solution. Within this article, milagromobilemarketing can not give you some app suggestions. But you can simply find them on Play Store or do some quick search on Google.


Prevention is always better than cure. We hope this article will help you end MMS messages disappear android situation thoroughly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact milagromobilemarketing via the contact page. We are here to help.